#183 – Garrulousness that Breaks from Reality [“hateplane now that’s a based on about perfect people as a taste it”]

Dimes and Judas dive right into the recent FBI investigation to Donald Trump, including the aftermath of Trump supporters taking direct actions, leading into a discussion of what current political groups can do to offer an alternative to shootouts with the police when you feed them daily updates about how the system is corrupt. They […]

#182 – Contract Consent with a Grain of Steroids [“on so much low blood out of walking around scamming”]

After taking a week off due to African Priest related chicanery, Judas recounts finally fleeing Hong Kong and landing square between the conflict of China vs. Nancy Pelosi in a Taiwanese airport. After dissecting the recent admission that depression and chemical imbalances in the brain are no longer connected, the BOLG boys discuss the implications […]

#181 – The Relentless Persuasion of the 2Xth/st Century [“Roastie Toastie Feeling Sad in the Dartboard”]

In this episode Dimes and Judas go off on the history of Patient Zero in relation to the spread of AIDS, Harvey Milk Dent, and the practicality of pitting a cool regional serfdom against a digital internationalist serfdom. They then review the recently released Handbook of Hate Memes, dissecting its conflicting internal claims and the […]

#180 – MAGA Milf Attending the Heaven’s Gate Cult at Disney World [BULLPEN – GENE HACKMAN (V.O.)]

The BOLG Boyz are over the moon about making The Woman King the new Morbius and discuss how to create the Slavery Extended Universe, then Judas chops it up about the Farmer protest going on in the Netherlands and everything you need to know about Nitrogen (especially the climate policies being employed to have the […]

#178: Abortionocaustolypse Carpaccio [“Forming of her soft footfalls in public or the entire world”]

A day late and a dollar richer, Dimes and Judas get around to rounding up all the Roe V. Wade opinions that are fit to print and wade into more conspiratorial waters as is demanded by the Economy of Takes. They also discuss the anti-responsibility horror movie Men and body-horror bureaucracy blockbuster Crimes of the […]

#177: The Downton Abbey Theme Song Puts Me On Edge [“Dwarf Takes”]

This was recorded a few days ago before the Abortionpocalypseocaust, but we’re still firing on all pistons: the Canadian government seeks to make gun ownership illegal for white people, Judas believes the cover of “Bitches Ain’t Shit” by Ben Folds was an original song, and a prolonged cope session attempting to redeem hipsters through consumerism. […]

#176: “Lettuce, Cheese, and Start Pondering Some People Out.”

After a review of the current media acceptances of both the Great Replacement Theory’s popularity and the unignorable Everything Shortage, the Boyz recounts a recent penitentiary tour and the decision that Dimes could easily thrive in a Canadian prison, especially in the special teepees they apparently have. Then, they take a tour through quantum mechanics […]

#175 – “That’s why we feel the kill button I slowly floated across the mood”

It’s another Episode Episode as the boys review The Northman, Top Gun: Maverick, and the new documentary by Matt Walsh “What is A Woman?” wherein a YouTube-Approved celebrity does his best impression of a Norman Rockwell painting to take on the Transgender Question 15 years too late. Dimes and Judas then explore the great reset […]