Manufacturing Anarcho-Shitlib Consent in Ukraine

Dimes betrays his strategy of being an ironypoisoned contrarian and weighs in on the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine, setting the tone for all opinions going forward. On the topic of emotionally evocative media coverage, they then discuss the book Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky, focusing on the authors as paragons of the newly […]

#161 – The 1790 Hell’s Angels to George Lincoln Rockwell to Grover Norquist Pipeline [draftDRAFT]

Dimes and Judas discuss Leftists movements throughout the 20th Century through the lens of The Green Book by Muammar Gaddafi, exploring his nuanced view on how both private property and religion force his otherwise progressive socialist views to evolve to meet specific geopolitical demands. There’s a review of the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie where […]

#160 – A Tarot Card That Just Says “Snake Eyes, Baby”

Dimes and Judas are hydrated and unarrested in this evergreen sode, discussing bouncy castle protesters losing their rights to have bank accounts, bald people being a safe bet to buy you Chinese groceries, Justin Trudeau being Fidel Castro’s son, Dimes’ highway enemy being vanquished, and everyone in the world getting a podcast to save our […]

#159 – Long Plotz off a Short Rake in Rant City, Touchgrassastan [VolcelAlcatraz]

This one ended up being more aimless than intended, but Dimes boy and Judas boy have a discussion about the Aboriginal Antifa driver who attacked the Freedom Convoy trucker protest, extraterrestrials creating strategic illusions that appear to people with specifically developed brains, skiers getting their balls obliterated, the naivety of scientists being comparable to malevolence, […]

#158 – Infinite, Effortless, Fun Corpse Apocalypse [mouthpussyHAREM]

The Bad Optics Leaf Gods provide a debrief and recap on the Freedom Rally trucker protest going on around Canada and the attempts to pervert an extremely rare grassroots movement into something familiarly usurious, designing sexually harassing mugs, and the various ways for one man to found a city. Finally, a fair & balanced review […]