#7 – Hell Needs Paper AK47 Sacrifices NOW [Low Audio Quali-T Theatre]

It’s the Christmas Episode with the HOLE GANG. Dimes is simmering a beef with Charls from MDE, Judas and Cherry explain wild ass Chinese afterlife sacrifices, there;s a whole thing about corporate mascot video games, Snipe for some reason thinks Iron Man was a Burger King commercial, and we explore how Judas was raised believing […]

#6 – Sasquatch Psychic Powers are CANCELLED [Dimes MVP of Zion Gang Edition]

It’s a Dimes and Judas episode and they’re talking cryptids, time travel fantasies, Qanon, and Canada being a haunted terrorland. Judas makes a subtle Jew joke at the end and is glossed over by Dimes, meaning shill status is confirmed (this is Canada’s Leading Logic Centrist Podcast.) Subscribe Below to Get Access to the Episode

#5 – Lucky Dragon Architecture [IdPol Supercut NSFL]

Judas talks about living in China and the role superstition and luck plays in everyday life. Dimes tries to turn it into a Serious Political Podcast and gets put on the pay no mind list. We talk a bit about deplatforming and all the Right-leaning or Right-associated entertainers being corralled off social media. Subscribe Below […]