#189 – How Much Yenbux to Rent an Intelligencia?

In this astounding episode, Dimes provides his review of eldritch-horror-gloryhole-thriller Glorious, and the BOLG boyz mourn both Coolio’s death and Fat America’s Lizzo’s desecration of James Madison’s crystal flute. They then untangle the varied narratives surrounding the apparent sabotage of the Nordstream 2 pipeline and what unforgiving geopolitical realities will emerge for political dissidents, discussing […]

#188 – Lib Ownership K Line Go Down [“Gang Yeah”]

In what might be the dumbheadedest episode in memory, the boyz discuss Ron Desantis’ experiments in immigrant reallocation, Dimes recounts a dream starring ROTC’s Mersh at a Jabbawockeez strip club, Alex Jones’ Sandy Hook show trial, and a surprise x-treme Dimes announcement. Then they string together an intricate web questioning the value of owning the […]

#187 – Because You Are Gaffe Culture’s Dandiest Chav [“🙃 broke: EST”]

After taking one (1) episode off, Dimes and Judas sort through the wreckage of the Queen’s death from a Canadian perspective and mount a turgid defense of codifying humiliation rituals against your enemies. After merging this miraculously with a Looney Tunes 9/11 Tribute, they review Cinema’s most egregious insult, Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic. After traversing […]

#186 – Strangers With Invisible Hands

Dimes and Judas are pulling rabbits out of hats throughout, discussing Gavin McInnes being outed by Owen Benjamin for faking his own public arrest, the implications of the recent AI construct creating art good enough to win a competition, Jackson Mississippi running out of water because Black people don’t understand how time works, and the […]

#184 – Ya Can’t Jailbreak A Midwit There Bud [“ants with my husband after season”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s thottery as a geopolitical indictment of women having fun, a brief review of the latest worst movie ever Day Shift starring Jamie Foxx, the impossibility of appealing midwits as a strategic hurdle, and the recent lifting of Covid restrictions in America contrasted against Canada’s lone […]

#183 – Garrulousness that Breaks from Reality [“hateplane now that’s a based on about perfect people as a taste it”]

Dimes and Judas dive right into the recent FBI investigation to Donald Trump, including the aftermath of Trump supporters taking direct actions, leading into a discussion of what current political groups can do to offer an alternative to shootouts with the police when you feed them daily updates about how the system is corrupt. They […]

#182 – Contract Consent with a Grain of Steroids [“on so much low blood out of walking around scamming”]

After taking a week off due to African Priest related chicanery, Judas recounts finally fleeing Hong Kong and landing square between the conflict of China vs. Nancy Pelosi in a Taiwanese airport. After dissecting the recent admission that depression and chemical imbalances in the brain are no longer connected, the BOLG boys discuss the implications […]

#181 – The Relentless Persuasion of the 2Xth/st Century [“Roastie Toastie Feeling Sad in the Dartboard”]

In this episode Dimes and Judas go off on the history of Patient Zero in relation to the spread of AIDS, Harvey Milk Dent, and the practicality of pitting a cool regional serfdom against a digital internationalist serfdom. They then review the recently released Handbook of Hate Memes, dissecting its conflicting internal claims and the […]

#180 – MAGA Milf Attending the Heaven’s Gate Cult at Disney World [BULLPEN – GENE HACKMAN (V.O.)]

The BOLG Boyz are over the moon about making The Woman King the new Morbius and discuss how to create the Slavery Extended Universe, then Judas chops it up about the Farmer protest going on in the Netherlands and everything you need to know about Nitrogen (especially the climate policies being employed to have the […]