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Embrace Pain

#202 – The West Is In The Mail [“pure quebecois phenotype”]

Dimes and Judas run through a short greatest hits of documentary series Soft White Underbelly while discussing how to raise a child, so they do not end up on Soft White Underbelly. They then dive into geopolitical analyst Peter Zaihan and his predictions of China’s imminent downfall, while contrasting with Judas’ lived experience on the […]

#201 – Follow Coffee Christ to Lebensreturn [“humour or TV or infertile Naww”]

Dimes and Judas cover the breakingest news on Scott Adams having a delusional breakdown, Andrew Tate being arrested for sex trafficking, and the true meaning behind the news concerning Canada barring foreign investment in real estate. After recounting what appears to be a plot by the Chinese government to track Judas across international borders, they […]

#200 – Margaritae Magno Pretio [“booster injections in my revolver”]

On this 200th episode and the last episode of 2022, Dimes and Judas celebrate nothing and opt instead to rekindle a suitably autistic internet debate on the practicality of tanks in 21st century combat in the interest of creating a more fluid army. The then discuss the causes and implications of the recent mass shooting […]

#199 – It’s Joever for the Dissidump Right [“sodium millenial chat”]

This episode sees Dimes and Judas exploring what it is like to be an elite, what it takes to become one, and how to effectively marry your daughter off to crowbar your way into the higher echelons of society while behaving like the Addams Family. Afterward they discuss the slow-motion breakdown of Jordan Peterson and […]

#198 – Slap a Skeleton on that Zamn and Get You a Zamnboney [“empire for optimal outcomes”]

As Dimes brazenly fills himself to the brim with Monster and beef jerky, he and Judas weave together several news stories – including Brittney Griner’s release from Russian prison, the upcoming Canadian ban on all firearms, and Trudeau’s defense of Chinese anti-lockdown protests – to create a unifying critique on Capital D Democracy. Not long […]

#197 – Billions Must Mikes [“big redline for all.”]

After discussing a groundbreaking study on the relation between mental disability and breast size, Dimes and Judas speak on the mainstreaming of antisemitism by Kanye West in conjunction with the wider discourse on Satanism kicked off by the Balenciaga child abuse scandal. After a serious review of the video game Scorn, they then explore the […]

#196 – Temporarily Embarrassed Think Tankers [“grandaddy lived in court.”]

Dimes saw Black Adam and everybody is disappointed in him, which he tries to cover up by talking about the cool dad of the recent nonbinary Club Q (!!!) shooter. After expanding upon a recent case of a medically-assisted-death for the lamest Canadian messy-hairbun-owner ever, they review the documentary “Died Suddenly,” which explores the alleged […]

#195 – Gonna Need a Bigger Shame Cube Cannon [“kid and they going to mog on the line.”]

Dimes and Judas discuss possible reasons for a recent spike in child hospitalizations, Ukraine doing a whoopsie-daisy that almost causes WW3, and the recent collapse of the FTX crypto exchange along with all the exciting goss that is just waiting to be ripped out like copper pipes. This segues into a discussion of the book […]

#194 – Out of the Frying Pan and inna the Venn Diagram

Dimes and Judas spark it up on the latest Dimeschild developments and the social significance of moms obsessing over Girl Losers. They then highlight some key takeaways from the latest American midterm elections, like the long history of braindead or dead politicians and the necessity to have a psycho with a bomb vest as president. […]