#155 – Tek Samurai Dramatically Reveals Bulletproof Vest With Abby Shapiro Feet Painted On [or, shorter title]

Dimes and Judas have a whopper of a time rehashing how bad the new Eternals movie was while laying out how to structure a compelling story in terms of scene construction and story beats. They then discuss the latest debate between E Michael Jones and Vaush on the topic of whether porn is a destructive […]

#154 – The Roman Balaal Corporative Gets Upbernied [trotskeetidk]

Dimes and Judas talk about internet debating in a just world hostile to all research, paying egirls to be publicly sacrificed to drunk schizos, and designing an end to endless discourse. They also discuss the concept of imperialist neoliberalism, and Dimes describes his research into the nature of Canadian law (essentially globalist law,) laying down […]

#153 – Serial Killer Chandler Bing Has Gone FloydMao [napole-leon]

Dimes and Judas celebrate New Years Day while demanding immediate commerce from people who downplayed the social significance of Covid or thought it was not worthy of righteous freakout in 2021. They also review the worst movie of 2021- Matrix Resurrections – and pitch a new version of the horror movie Antlers. They then explore […]

#151 – The Joe Rogan/Joe Biden Body Swap Theory [n0de557]

The BOLG Boyz kick the can around about trolling Richard Spencer at 3 AM as the New York Times, the practicality of having a multi-generational family home when every other generation sucks, a recent debate where someone defended being a cuckold as achieving divinity, and Arthur Shopenhauer’s work The World as Will and Representationin the […]

#149 – Guy With Neutral Face Bashfully Looking Off Camera [leafscore]

 Dimes and Judas discuss the recent racially-motivated attack on a Christmas parade in Waukesha, connecting that to the recent Ahmaud Arbery trial and discussing the wider role of guns where Rights meets Action (understanding that the people have guns is to use them, not just as some abstract principle.) They also review the latest […]

#147 – 9999 y/o Anti Horny Blast & Last [metaverse extension]

 Judas and Dimes discuss leaving it all for the farm life, changing Canadian food prices, and reinventing the world of food hygiene. They then spend around half the episode exploring and unpacking the recent Kyle Rittenhouse trial as well as the Sines Vs. Kessler Charlottesville Protest trial. Also discussed is living in a limestone […]

#146 – Ray Straighter and the Horny Orient [blyatleej]

Dimes [sex universe] and Judas [mood universe] discuss what to say when you are being stabbed, and the book Propaganda by Jacques Ellul to explain how propaganda actually works with examples pulled from modern schizo politics. Additionally, they review the movies Lamb and The Pond, the book Ringworld, Trans Dimes and the Rope Review, and […]