#219 – The Papal Foreign Legion Sings Oorah Maria [“if you have studied german castles and the dude status”]

Dimes and Judas spend most of the time discussing infamous investing firm Blackrock and the investing paradigm known as ESG which allows it to project what some call “woke capitalism” from a higher position of authority. This leads into a review of the book “Willful Blindness,” a deep investigation into how Chinese organized crime Triads, […]

#218 – Sunzets are the Bisexual of Sky [“Karcher wd3 which I know what is thin”]

The Bad Optics Leaf Gods talk about viral sensation Mizzy and his campaign of terror against the White middle class, Canada’s deployment of Medical Assistance in Dying on the riff raff of society, and the electrifying rise of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK) as the Democratic Party’s dark horse candidate in the American presidential election. […]

#217 – The Nuclear Costanza of Solemn Providence [“signs no wave requires a dying”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the new marketing strategy of organizations sacrificing employees at the altar of woke controversies, the much-ballyhooed double-decker-outhouse, and the recent avalanche of news outlets claiming that activist group Patriot Front are secretly federal agents. They then discuss the book “The Revolutionary Phenotype” by JF Gariepy, peering back billions of years to […]

#216 – What’s a Hole Like You Doing in a Girl Like This

Dimes and Judas yuk it up about the suspicious return of Trump with no tangible policies, the political implications a Michael Jackson skinwalker wrestled to death on a subway, and Hispanics finally dethroning Whites as the primary White Supremacists in America. They then discuss “The Myth of the Eternal Return” by Mircea Eliade, a seminal […]

#215 – Bin Laden Laid to Rest in a Blue Cheese Sea I’ve Seent It [“Daily Manifestation by the Priest read the navy”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the conflicting accounts and implications of Tucker Carlson’s firing in the wake of Fox News’ court settlement, a relevant review of the HBO’s Succession, and Twitter eGirl drama that birthed a debate about if women should even have a say in genetic reproduction. They then discuss the book “The Sacred and […]

#214 – N Hosers Combating Anti-Drunk-Driver Racism [“are astroturfed here to a cosmogonical chapter in”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the insider marketing baseball re: the Bud Light tranny canny controversy, and Canada’s public broadcaster furious at Twitter for assigning them the identification of Canada’s public broadcaster. They then expound the secret history of Atlantis, citing the book “The Empires of Atlantis” by Marco Vigato, gathering together ancient accounts of the […]

#213 – Limbo Bizkit the Iron Age Puritan [“Snailmaxxing on the cusp of the ETH ecosystem.”]

Dimes and Judas discuss a recent development in the infamous Las Vegas mass shooting, then review the recent Willem Dafoe psychological thriller film “Inside” and rewrite the common depictions of sanity in fiction. They then dive into the book “The Lost Civilizations of the Stone Age” by Richard Rudgley, where they discuss many discoveries that […]

#212 – The 5 AM Man Behind the Curtain [“which means ilu in the charismatic pastor who thinks you get anything”]

Running on fumes and fuming, Dimes and Judas discuss the joyous trauma of becoming a new father, review John Wick 4, and fully dissect the recent Tennessee Christian school shooting by a transgender terrorist while reframing transgenderism from an identity to a cognitohazard mind virus. They then segue this into a discussion of true and […]

#211 – I Employ A Uniquely Florid Definition of Neutralization [“So it costs down. for blowin holes in your life”]

This description is gonna be a no-edit cause Dimeschild was born immediately after this was produced, so: Dimes and Judas discuss a 4chan Certified Chud being arrested for making an anti-cop message and failing the “in minecraft” defense, France rolling out the prop guillotines once again due to No Money, and an in-depth discussion of […]

#210 – Websters Defines Podcast Titles As… [“i hate garbage disposal loitering problem”]

This week Dimes and Judas complete a work-appointed test on which types of people should survive in a doomsday scenario, a recent study that showed 60% of Liberal women identify as having a mental illness, and mid-dive into the recent collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank, including causes and effects. They segue this into an […]