#260 – My Wendigoon Steak Does MAD BONG RIPS [“take the Son of the fact distorted”]

On this episode Dimes and Judas discuss the Iranian president being consumed by Israeli utility fog, HAARP causing another twisted aurora borealis, and a review of the latest Godzilla vs. King Kong live action anime. After diving into an article on J’accuse about the necessity of framing your political goals as inevitabilities, they explore the book “Revolt of the Public” by Martin Gurri. There they discuss the multiplying of digital publics representing the people and how the unceasing assaults on institutional legitimacy can effectively abolish, but never replace, authority. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes is interviewed by Kingpilled on the topics on effectively attracting dissident investment, how to resolve sexual dynamics between men and women, and how revolutions work in the 21st century.


00:48 – Country Song About Buck Breaking

02:00 – Hiding Wet Mouth By Thrusting Hips Forward

03:11 – Vob’s Girlmeme About What Guys Women Like

09:07 – Right Wing Persian Made Blood $atellite Jazz Songs

11:19 – ChatGPT Bonks Out a Schizo Noclip Riddle

13:49 – “Looks Like Dayne”

15:50 – Symbols Embedded in Blood Memory of Millennial Greys

24:15 – A Defense of Avocado Toast

28:05 – Dad Junction: Nickles Trolling Dimeswife and Nurses Defeated Once Again

36:47 – Depressed Dads Have Historically Never Been Wrong

39:01 – President of Iran Dies in Helicopter Crash

49:21 – Dr. Robert Malone Reports on HAARP Causing Red Aurora Borealis

56:16 – Dating AI as a Cover for Women’s’ Parents

58:39 – HAARP Directing the Ionosphere to Get Dimes’ Neighbor to Fuck his Wife

59:38 – Belgium Making it Illegal for Prostitutes to Deny Sex to Brown Men

1:01:21 – Mystical Eastern Names

1:06:18 – Movie Korner: Godzilla vs. Kong 2

1:26:34 – Big Livestream Announcement and Groyper Brigading

1:39:55 – “J’Accuse” Article on Framing Politics as Inevitabilities

1:51:04 – “Revolt of the Public” Discussion Begins

1:53:11 – Digital Revolutions as an International Phenomenon

1:56:11 – The Information Revolution as Toxic to Authority

1:58:39 – Weak Online Bonds as Unifying, Not Propositional

2:03:16 – The Multi-Generational Fracturing of Identity Breaking Away from the Industrial Reovlution

2:07:49 – The Dialectical Result of the Wars of Religion as a Case Study

2:12:40 – The Public as Narrow Temporally-Defined Manifestations of the Metaphysical People

2:21:26 – Authority Relying on the Illusion of Inevitability

2:33:08 – Kingpilled Interview Begins

1 comment on “#260 – My Wendigoon Steak Does MAD BONG RIPS [“take the Son of the fact distorted”]

  1. Concerned Sodomite May 25, 2024 / Reply

    Tbh the AI songs about buck breaking are cool and all, but important subjects like gay sex need a human touch.
    Ai generated media never scratches the icch completely. Just like a thig job, it works but you know that the access to the real thing was only inches away…

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