Livestream Happening – Boomers v Zoomers: Passing the Torch

A special standalone panel takes the place of this week’s Blood $atellite Nights Live. Hosted by Dimes and welcoming Steve Sailer, The Prudentialist, John Doyle, Alaric the Barbarian, and Herb Soroca. Boomers claim that younger generations have no interest in taking over, and younger generations claim boomers refuse to pass down their wealth and knowledge. This panel sits representatives from either generation – successful boomers and ambitious Gen Z – and figure out why the torch is experiencing difficulty being passed.

1 comment on “Livestream Happening – Boomers v Zoomers: Passing the Torch

  1. OsincHail June 5, 2024 / Reply

    Can you please tell Judas GM and good job, not sure anything got solved but it was extremely informative

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