Livestream Happening – Boomers v Zoomers: Passing the Torch

A special standalone panel takes the place of this week’s Blood $atellite Nights Live. Hosted by Dimes and welcoming Steve Sailer, The Prudentialist, John Doyle, Alaric the Barbarian, and Herb Soroca. Boomers claim that younger generations have no interest in taking over, and younger generations claim boomers refuse to pass down their wealth and knowledge. […]

#251 – BSNL#8: The Vaush Cesspit

After discussing recent Canadian legislation that could put YOUR hosts away for multiple life sentences and the recent case of an enlisted man protesting Israel by self-immolation, Dimes and Judas unpack the implications of Progressive Socialism’s Vaush being caught in possession of scandalous and arguably illegal pornography while repeatedly making excuses for such behavior in […]

#249 – BSNL#7: You Have One Year

After briefly reviewing the immediately-dropped interview between Tucker Carlson and Putin, then wasting some time reading some traumatized lady anecdotes on Reddit, Dimes and Judas discuss the expansive “Mandate for Leadership” which has birthed the slogan “You Have One Year,” exploring the mission and reaction to it. Stream begins at 14:55.

#235 – B$NL#3: #Hategate

For this audio recording of our Wednesday evening livestream, Dimes and Judas focus primarily on the recent #hategate exposé. The tour through this document shows the process through which the Canada Anti Hate Network slithered into being, how it generates false accusations against its targets online, and how those accusations work their way all throughout […]

#231 – BSNL#2: High-Test Anti-Node Test Stream

We recorded this as a test stream on Odysee and YouTube to fix the first stream which was plagued by audio and connectivity issues on Dimes’ end, but it ended up turning into a whole regular stream. Topics include the conflict between Academic Agent and Keith Woods, Puddy Radiohead from the Scaring the Hoes department, […]