Empires of Media & Communication as Revolution

While discussing the recent celebratory destruction of the infamous Robert E. Lee statue, Dimes and Judas launch into a discussion of Hot/Cold media as it relates to resurrection, and the foundational book “Empire and Communications” by Harold Innis. Through this they discuss the power struggle for knowledge between the center of fringes on society through […]

Corporatism as the Solution to Irrationality

Dimes and Judas conduct an exploration of the prison of demands placed upon the individual in a democratic society, citing the books “Misbehaving” by Richard Thaler and “The True State” by Othmar Spann. Here the concepts of behavioral economics and corporatism are combined, presenting a social-metaphysical model for a modern guild system. Timestamps: 0:00– Lithium […]

Insaneing the Money Revolution

Dimes and Judas continue their discussion on the history of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and a wild plan to supercharge the next century, citing the book “The Money Revolution” by Richard Duncan. Here they dissect the story of the Federal Reserve, the rise of creditism over capitalism, and how America could win the current international […]

The Success of the Japanese Shadow War Economy

While discussing a recent online debate concerning the relevance of violence in political change and the routing of these natural desires into inert fandoms, Dimes and Judas launch into a review of the landmark book “The Princes of Yen” by Richard Werner. Here they dissect the explosive growth of the Japanese economy in the 20th […]

Which Nations Survive in a Multipolar World?

Starting with the review of an academic paper on the differences of mental pathways demanded by different languages, Judas and Dimes build to a discussion of the book “Disunited Nations” by Peter Zeihan. There they explore an impending future where America retreats from its unipolar economic and security position, thrusting the world into multipolar chaos, […]

The Dawn of Turbo America

Dimes and Judas conduct an investigation of the concept of Turbo America, building into a discussion of the book “American Diplomacy” by geopolitical legend George Kennan. The collection explains the history of American international relations and its tendency to maximize the moral imperative for powerplays and how this new paradigm prevents peace through balance.