Great Power Geopolitics and Genital Sovereignty

After discussing the possibility of ceding radical political decisions to penises and punching holes in walls to maintain a healthy marriage, Dimes and Judas pull the veil back on the great national powers of the world and the theory of offensive realism that dictates their behavior, citing the book “The Tragedy of Great Power Politics” […]

How To Make Friends And Overthrow The Government

Pop quiz, blockhead: how to you make the government and everyone you hate look like absolute inbred take a hike bozos? Dimes and Judas discuss the science of conducting a successful government overthrow, citing from the book “Coup d’État: A Practical Handbook” by Edward Luttwak. They explore not only historical examples of successful and unsuccessful […]

Speculative Friction: Why Is the Financial Market?

Dimes (loudmouth) and Judas (mediummouth) dive into the storied history of booms & busts in the world of financial speculation, citing the book “Devil Take the Hindmost” by Edward Chancellor. Seeking to answer the question “why do we have financial speculation at all?” they trace the evolving financial marketplace from its European birthplaces to the […]

Manufacturing Anarcho-Shitlib Consent in Ukraine

Dimes betrays his strategy of being an ironypoisoned contrarian and weighs in on the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine, setting the tone for all opinions going forward. On the topic of emotionally evocative media coverage, they then discuss the book Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky, focusing on the authors as paragons of the newly […]

Honk Over Exit: The Canadian Trucker Freedom Rally

In this clip, Dimes and Judas discuss the Freedom Rally trucker protest in Canada against vaccine mandates. Pulling from recent reports and Trudeau fleeing to Saddam Hussein’s bunker, they build towards a breakdown of the book “Exit, Voice, and Loyalty” by Albert O. Hirschman and explore the methods individuals can take when attempting to enact […]

Canada Has No Law, Only Stories

Dimes and Judas discuss the history and unique nature of Canadian law, showing how it doesn’t reinforce larger civilizational or societal norms but rather acts as a giant bureaucratic machine to engineer a best-case scenario or chosen groups and is largely handled on a case-by-case basis. They also explore how easier it is to trick […]

Napoleon’s Wars and the Fractals of Total Politics

Dimes (talky one) and Judas (sassy one) discuss the book “Napoleon’s Wars” by Charles Esdaile and explore the impact Napoleon’s conquest of Europe and how, despite his thirst for glory and power, he was still exporting the values of the French Revolution against the old order. This forever changed the power dynamics on the continent […]

An Imperium Mannerbunded Against Itself

In possibly the most contentious topic yet broached, Dimes and Judas have a 3-episode arc unpacking the concept of “brother wars,” rethinking previous positions, and generally trying to get to the bottom of what causes all the self-destruction in many political movements. Using the books Albion’s Seed by David Fischer and American Nations by Colin […]