Corporatism as the Solution to Irrationality

Dimes and Judas conduct an exploration of the prison of demands placed upon the individual in a democratic society, citing the books “Misbehaving” by Richard Thaler and “The True State” by Othmar Spann. Here the concepts of behavioral economics and corporatism are combined, presenting a social-metaphysical model for a modern guild system.


0:00– Lithium Production Skyrocketing but Scant Testing

03:20– Crisis of Modernity is All of Us Being Giants

06:25– Misbehaving / Behavioral Economics Discussion Begins

17:52– The True State / Corporatism Discussion Begins

20:43– Individualism vs. Universalism

25:28– Community as Segregated Spiritual Exchange

29:49– The Structure of Estates

33:20– Collectivizing Along Lines of Natural Law and Secret Societies

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