#234 – Stroke Victim BF Heart Brazilian Killary 2.0 GF [“Evidence of treating sex as long form the font”]

Dimes and Judas discuss women lying about being master fishermen, Divorced Cocaine Trudeau starting a war with India, and the trial of a Montreal writer for the Daily Stormer convicted by the therapeutic state for laughing at people who didn’t die in the holocaust. This leads to an investigation into the importance of secret societies […]

Insaneing the Money Revolution

Dimes and Judas continue their discussion on the history of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and a wild plan to supercharge the next century, citing the book “The Money Revolution” by Richard Duncan. Here they dissect the story of the Federal Reserve, the rise of creditism over capitalism, and how America could win the current international […]

#233 – The Ripening of my Day Worsener Folder [“outlines a drug”]

Dimes and Judas discuss horny grannies acting out of pocket in America’s congress, #MeToo as an ideology-resistant form of social syphilis, and the shadows chemical causes of the obesity epidemic that has gripped the planet. This leads into an exploration of the prison of demands placed upon the individual in a democratic society, citing the […]

#232 – 15 Minute Walk Like an Egyptianable Cities [“brocc the idea of records”]

Dimes and Judas hash out recent online drama concerning a transgender influencer in the DR, intercept a story on ancient alien disclosure occurring in Mexican congress, and review the film Corner Office. This leads to a discussion on the essentiality of merging economics and geopolitics as a form of short-term forecasting, citing the book “Geopolitical […]

The Prudentialist Interview II – What Went Wrong Pt 2

Dimes from the Blood Satellite podcast joins me to continue our discussion on Murray Friedman’s 1995 Book: “What Went Wrong? The Creation and the Collapse of the Black-Jewish Alliance” in here we discuss the history of the ADL, Martin Luther King Jr.’s influences and managers, and an ethnic conflict frozen in time whose coalition reshaped […]

#230 – In a Bear Market, there’s Always Room for Barted Bull Trading

Dimes and Judas discuss the apathy triggered by Trump’s recent arrest, a heretofore unknown Indian caste sneaking into academia, and the cruel legacy of microplastic neurological war on young generations. They then segue into a further discussion on the history of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and a wild plan to supercharge the next century, citing […]