#244 – Wordpotatoes Know About Steve Buscemi From the Backrooms [“chatting up with sushi sticks”]

In this episode, Dimes and Judas discuss brokencel podpeople NEETs as defining the zeitgeist, public sodomy and satanic altars plaguing the American government, and medically assisted clown euthanasia. Then beginning with a discussion of recent substack “Become Illegible” discussing how to create exist in the negative space outside government scrutiny, they tackle the mind-blowing concept […]

#243 – It’s Just a Basically a Corn Moon Guys Thing [“large palestinian Orthodox families following a synth”]

In this episode, Dimes and Judas discuss starting a new life as Buc-ee’s trillionaires, charting European bowel movements against economic decline, and the complex mechanics of being a GayWifeBeatCel. After beginning a discussion on shadowy datamining org Palantir, they launch into a comprehensive review of Marshall McLuhan’s famous work “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man.” […]

The Inescapability of Group Dynamic and Form

After discussing Chud Kant in a Gooner’s Aristocracy and Wrath of Gnon’s analysis of “The Human Scale” as an ideal measure of scale in human communities, Dimes and Judas build into the fascinating book “Experiences in Groups” by Wilfred Bion. There they explore the psychoanalytic approach of identifying group behaviors as a holistic organism, how […]

Greg Arcade Interview [on Canadian Country and Niche Audiences]

Dimes speaks with Canadian musician and nationalist icon Greg Arcade, and they explore his history in Northern country music, the increasing value of niche audiences, and how to make sense of all the political upheavals facing the modern Canadian. This one is full of good times and banter, so listen close or listen dead!

Empires of Media & Communication as Revolution

While discussing the recent celebratory destruction of the infamous Robert E. Lee statue, Dimes and Judas launch into a discussion of Hot/Cold media as it relates to resurrection, and the foundational book “Empire and Communications” by Harold Innis. Through this they discuss the power struggle for knowledge between the center of fringes on society through […]

#241 – Overleveraged Means Ascended Vveah [“Orthodox families following a synth”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the recent election of Ancap Madman Milei as supreme leader of Argentina, the waterboarding-as-kino film Oppenheimer, and the civilization intrigue implied by Sam Altman’s ouster and miraculous return as OpenAI CEO. This blends into a discussion on the collection of essays titled “Neurotechnology in National Security and Defense,” granting a glimpse […]

We’re All Citizens of a Therapeutic State

Dimes and Judas launch into a searing indictment on mental illness, citing the book “The Therapeutic State” by Thomas Szasz, part of a famous corpus denouncing the entire field of psychiatry from the mind of a renowned psychologist. Dissecting what he termed the “medicalization of penalization,” they strike at the core of the mythology of […]