#237 – A Liminal Man in Jaminal Spaces [“society of bottom text”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the sexual controversy of pears and breaking minds with wank Juggalo memes, and Greta Thunberg deflecting claims of antisemitism with the power of autism. This leads directly into the latest developments of the Israel/Gaza conflict and an expansion/rant on the response to the previous episode’s season/balanced arguments. From there they launch into a searing indictment on mental illness, citing the book “The Therapeutic State” by Thomas Szasz, part of a famous corpus denouncing the entire field of psychiatry from the mind of a renowned psychologist. Dissecting what he termed the “medicalization of penalization,” they strike at the core of the mythology of mental health itself.


1:29 – Sweatpants with Cowboy Boots

5:10 – Are Pears Mad Dumb?

8:42 – Parsnips and Hot Dogs for Dinner

11:37 – Breaking Women’s Minds with a Juggalo Meme

15:43 – The Birth of Wank Malkovich

18:59 – Greta Thunberg is Autismsemetic

25:11 – Philosemitism Cannot Overtake Youth Nihilism

38:31 – NYC Garbage Man Discusses Private Neighbourhoods

41:57 – Third Worldism vs. Self Interest in Dissident Spheres Rant Begins

1:17:34 – Dimes Book Review Shoutout

1:24:12 – New Good Svffer Creator Partnerships

1:26:09 – The Therapeutic State Discussion Begins

1:30:10 – Psychanalysis as a Replacement for Morality

1:33:16 – Is Mental Illness Even Real?

1:38:57 – The Deinstitutionalization Movement

1:44:20 – Schizophrenia as the Study as Misbehavior Itself

1:49:42 – The Validation of Imagining Sickness as Sickness Itself

1:54:13 – Dr. Menninger and the Mental Illness of All People

2:00:35 – Temporary and Convenient Insanity

2:06:43 – Morality vs. Addiction

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