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Wan have a family? Maybe you had a dream abt a future you can control? Your boss'us a 35 year old spinster who wants to go clubbing with the interns. 4 cats, resents romance, & collects gay friends like Pokemon. Is that still a hot reference? Eat shit. She thinks being'un angry man makes her an effective woman. Eat shit. She likes having a 'career,' an inflated gig-flimflam men do not get a choice to play.

Slave With 9999 HP

Hey bud I'm gonna get you to wear three 'hats' around here it's a lot of responsibility and it's doing multiple jobs but on the PLUS side none of these jobs will make you feel like you're making a difference in the (heh) and you'll find yourself staring intha mirror contemplating becoming a train conductor, hoping they like men with burly emotions and twink minds.

A Sitcom of Your Life

You want to start a family? Awesome we don't allow time off for that and also you're pretty much the sort of guy a child doesn't want to grow up to be if you had to explain your life at career day. The popular dad also molests his daughter, but you lost your moral compass long ago. That's for kids. That's for movies.

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Technology-empowered active proto-narco management focused on delivering performance and pain-saint portfolio solutions. Catastrophic egodeath. Colonial Mouthmen. Founded 1999.

We are committed to an ongoing determination to invest in talent, technology and research as we strive to deliver the best results for our clients. Could that be you? Have you ever seen a savings account? Do you have a cool custom debit card made to look like a joker’s card? Instead of a J it says 69? My man.

No gravy daddies allowed? Fat chance, shit head. I’ll follow you home and blow my fucking brains out on your lawn.

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If you live long enough

eventually everything you see will be beyond your imagination.

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I hate rail unions

I mostly hate rail unions because, from professional experiences, they send safety narcs to construction/demolition sites, try to take away management rights from the foreman, and then shut down the site over encroaching legalistic BS

Rob @robrousseau

"I normally support strikes but this one would be damaging to our economy"

That is the fuckin point of a strike, yes

Everyone wants to talk about how Scorn is too short, nobody wants to talk about how they spent 7 years on a game with surprisingly poor graphics, lame physics, nothing much happening, and all the empty & confined environments have pretty obvious asset recycling.

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