4th Density Model of Consciousness Shone Through the Dysphoriasphere

VHS Tapes Make Children Go Indigo

Ghosts and Aliens live at this level. Below this, at the 3rd Density, you have men and women. 5th Density? Pure energy, in regards to the soul. 7th Density? Total Awareness, the evolved soul. This is where you can live. It could otherwise be described as hell. What if every narrative you are aware of ended in a blackened pit of horror?

What would you do to stop it? Some may try to be the blackened put of horror themselves, understanding it as the ultimate power. In the same way a seizure is power. Cancer is power. Do you endeavor to be cancer? Can awareness exist in a vacuum and preserve itself?

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Effective Estate Planning
A man and a woman have hot sexual congress as a man with a mustache leers upon them from the balcony window. He mouths the words “a baby goes to hell.”
Regular Source of Income
A Japanese kid I befriended as an adult taught me about Juggalos and told me he would grant me his inheritance if I was a Juggalo for a year. I won a lawsuit against him by convincing everyone I was retarded. His family killed themselves but he went on to invent a new type of keyboard for old people.
Bloat Reich When???
Walk in the door and get a glass of bubbly! Turn left, caviar station! Continue down the whalebone corridor, you can find a box. Open it, you can hold the life of the man who has been watching you in your hands. Kill him? Spare him? Or see what he’s seen with new eyes?

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