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I met God, she’s black. She uh also invented white privilege and apparently thinks Japanese kids hanging themselves is hilarious. She helped Trump get elected. She does not approve of homosexuals. Black god is a bitch cunt.

We should kill this bitch cunt god, for doing this. Bimbo whore god.

INT. Comedy Club. Night.

He jogs onto the stage full of unearned enthusiasm. He grabs the mic with a smile beaming across his face. He shouts  “Asian niggas be covered in ants!” An all-black audience stares up at him, pausing the feasting of the barbecue before them. Beans drop from the frozen fork of a man with a surgically sculpted beard.

A siren expands towards them from the distance and settles in front of the club. The crowd looks back towards the entrance as two uniformed police officers hurry in. “Everybody down!” they scream. They unholster their weapons and aim them at the performer on stage.

As he leans forward to squint, the cops open fire and punch dozens of holes all over his body. He falls backward violently. Moments of silence. A man near the back of the crowd, out in the darkness, hollers “AYO THIS NIGGA BE DEAD AS SHIT” and the crowd erupts in raucous laughter, pumping fists.

It's a Good Idea
Don’t tell me whatever the hey you’re trumping up abt ///
Maybe I’ve been right the entire time? I can make my case in handcuffs asshole so…

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