“Rape Day”

Every Successful Business Needs a Plan

Many seem to think that when society crumbles or the world ends, people will act out their darkest desires but all those desires are violent and insufferably twisted. Men walking around wearing doll masks with anarchy symbols spraypainted on, roving bands of torturers, grandiose playgrounds of intricate carnage. I just think it’ll be a bunch of rapists and pedophiles running around. There’ll probably be a race war gussied up like a gang war but the rest of it will probably just be molestation and forced penetration. We are dealing in fractions here but I guarantee there’s more people who want to gangrape randoms and fuck kids than dress up like an ironic bloody nurse and play Saw 12.

That’s what rape day is. That’s my idea. We have one day where we can all do that. You can kill them if you want, too. I guess that’s how the idea started. But we evolved. Let’s see how many people are pedophiles when the cameras are off. It may take 3 rotations of this to work. But then there will be no pedophiles or rapists for awhile. Or there will be way more of them, but we won’t know until we try RAPE DAY.

Square the Circle

You may be the only person doing ``tha deed`` but listen here you bitch, cunt. Pig whore shit.

``Yas`` ``Queen``

People out there burning CDs? Flying drones without a license? Rape them to turn them. ``Seen?``

Dark Embelishments

If ``RAPE DAY`` failed just gwan hed and be a socialist YEAH IT'S POLITICAL NOW NNNNINCOMPOOPS