How to Turn a Network Into a Nation

Dimes and Judas conduct a deft analysis of the current war underway between Israel and Palestine, specifically the puzzling allegiances forming and the proliferation of atrocity pornography. This segues into a discussion of utilizing technology to create new supranational networks, citing the book “The Network State” by Balaji Srinivasan. Drawing parallels to modern movements, they […]

Using Geopolitics for Market Dominance

Dimes and Judas have a discussion on the essentiality of merging economics and geopolitics as a form of short-term forecasting, citing the book “Geopolitical Alpha” by Marko Papic. Here they explore the shift from the Washington Consensus to the Buenos Aries Consensus, coupled with the eternal importance of constraints over idealism. Timestamps: 3:04– The Shift […]

Christmas Declaration of War on NGOs

Dimes and Judas – the People’s Bad Optics Leaf Gods – get locked into an extended strategy sesh on how certain political opponents are bad at holding power when left to their own devices, while citing events such as the doxing of LibsOfTikTok and an exploration into how the Wikimedia Foundation funds subversive political organizations. […]

How To Construct Your Own Nation

Dimes and Judas talk about the book “The Construction of Nationhood” by Adrian Hastings, which makes a case that nationalism has its roots far further back than modern historians state, and that the unity of a people evolves up certain levels and gestates a modern state from this development. Showing that nationalism has much deeper […]

Murrovian Meme Mreview

Dimes and Judas review the recently released Handbook of Hate Memes. They dissect its conflicting internal claims against along with the apparent ineffectiveness of so-called radicalizing content against the collected speeches of Kai Murros, discussing what makes a good revolutionary speech unique and how to properly rile up the 21st Century Schizoid Man. Taken from […]

A Case For Nationalist Economics

Dimes and Judas do a sweltering dive on Economic Nationalism and the negative aspects of global free trade, citing the books “The National System of Political Economy” by Frederich List and “Free Trade Doesn’t Work” by Ian Fletcher. Through these in-depth and very complimentary books, they explore the foundational ideologies lurking beneath the front of […]

How To Make Friends And Overthrow The Government

Pop quiz, blockhead: how to you make the government and everyone you hate look like absolute inbred take a hike bozos? Dimes and Judas discuss the science of conducting a successful government overthrow, citing from the book “Coup d’État: A Practical Handbook” by Edward Luttwak. They explore not only historical examples of successful and unsuccessful […]

Canada Has No Law, Only Stories

Dimes and Judas discuss the history and unique nature of Canadian law, showing how it doesn’t reinforce larger civilizational or societal norms but rather acts as a giant bureaucratic machine to engineer a best-case scenario or chosen groups and is largely handled on a case-by-case basis. They also explore how easier it is to trick […]

Propaganda: Literally What Even Actually Is It?

Dimes [Sex Universe] and Judas [Mood Universe] discuss the book Propaganda by Jacques Ellul, a real life French person. They pull a couple examples from exciting headlines and discuss how many examples of modern propaganda – both in the mainstream and in dissident scenes – amount to inferior ideological advertising. Taken from Episode #146 – […]