A Case For Nationalist Economics

Dimes and Judas do a sweltering dive on Economic Nationalism and the negative aspects of global free trade, citing the books “The National System of Political Economy” by Frederich List and “Free Trade Doesn’t Work” by Ian Fletcher. Through these in-depth and very complimentary books, they explore the foundational ideologies lurking beneath the front of free trade, the process through which economies strengthen internally, historical examples of where it all went wrong, and how national sovereignty can be achieved through economic means. Most importantly, they establish how these authors living over a century apart are still relevant to your life right now and in the future.

Taken from Episode #171 – The Cigarette Smoking Man From X-Files Saying “Kids Exist”: https://bit.ly/38arK2d

The National System of Political Economy: https://bit.ly/3N5h6bw
Free Trade Doesn’t Work: https://bit.ly/3kSykgn

Game Clips:
Dysmantle: https://bit.ly/390F7lv

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