Fleur de Least Resistance: The Essentiality of Contradictions

The Dynamism Duo briefy discuss how the anarcho-shitlib Hegelian dialectic critique of ideologies for internal consistency is largely irrelevant, and this leads right into a review of the book “Serviam” by Adrien Arcand, a famous Quebecois radical who attempted to reconcile Catholicism and Fascism in the land of the leafs. Taken from Episode #173 – […]

#173 – Amberica Heardnandez Sez: Covid Causes Fedthinking

Dimes is dying from covid-19 and in his delirium speaks on the recent mass shooting in Buffalo and “Great Replacement Theory” making the headlines. This leads to a discussion of the anarcho-shitlib Hegelian dialectic investigation of ideologies for internal consistency being unimportant, leading into a brief discussion of the book “Serviam” by Adrien Arcand, a […]

A Case For Nationalist Economics

Dimes and Judas do a sweltering dive on Economic Nationalism and the negative aspects of global free trade, citing the books “The National System of Political Economy” by Frederich List and “Free Trade Doesn’t Work” by Ian Fletcher. Through these in-depth and very complimentary books, they explore the foundational ideologies lurking beneath the front of […]

Great Power Geopolitics and Genital Sovereignty

After discussing the possibility of ceding radical political decisions to penises and punching holes in walls to maintain a healthy marriage, Dimes and Judas pull the veil back on the great national powers of the world and the theory of offensive realism that dictates their behavior, citing the book “The Tragedy of Great Power Politics” […]

#170 – I Am Often Seized By The Unique Anglo Desire To Witness Consequences

In this episode, Dimes (joie de vivre) and Judas (nodding off from caucazoid opioid abuse) discuss a deal with the devil by increasing the political sovereignty of our genitals, uniting the whole of Christendom by wickedly harassing women, the Amber Heard V. Johnny Depp trial as a public ritual sacrifice of BPD broads, and dissidents […]