#170 – I Am Often Seized By The Unique Anglo Desire To Witness Consequences

In this episode, Dimes (joie de vivre) and Judas (nodding off from caucazoid opioid abuse) discuss a deal with the devil by increasing the political sovereignty of our genitals, uniting the whole of Christendom by wickedly harassing women, the Amber Heard V. Johnny Depp trial as a public ritual sacrifice of BPD broads, and dissidents employing deepfakes and botnets to outmaneuver the surveillance state. They then explore the geopolitical theory of offensive realism, citing the book “The Tragedy of Great Power Politics by John Mearsheimer which describes the very forces that cause nations to form, the inevitable game for security you enter once you enter the international stage, and how nations are forced to accrue power in this game regardless of their spirituality, ideology, or political orientation.

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