We’re All Citizens of a Therapeutic State

Dimes and Judas launch into a searing indictment on mental illness, citing the book “The Therapeutic State” by Thomas Szasz, part of a famous corpus denouncing the entire field of psychiatry from the mind of a renowned psychologist. Dissecting what he termed the “medicalization of penalization,” they strike at the core of the mythology of […]

Corporatism as the Solution to Irrationality

Dimes and Judas conduct an exploration of the prison of demands placed upon the individual in a democratic society, citing the books “Misbehaving” by Richard Thaler and “The True State” by Othmar Spann. Here the concepts of behavioral economics and corporatism are combined, presenting a social-metaphysical model for a modern guild system. Timestamps: 0:00– Lithium […]

Using Geopolitics for Market Dominance

Dimes and Judas have a discussion on the essentiality of merging economics and geopolitics as a form of short-term forecasting, citing the book “Geopolitical Alpha” by Marko Papic. Here they explore the shift from the Washington Consensus to the Buenos Aries Consensus, coupled with the eternal importance of constraints over idealism. Timestamps: 3:04– The Shift […]

Insaneing the Money Revolution

Dimes and Judas continue their discussion on the history of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and a wild plan to supercharge the next century, citing the book “The Money Revolution” by Richard Duncan. Here they dissect the story of the Federal Reserve, the rise of creditism over capitalism, and how America could win the current international […]

A Shroomed Scuba Diver’s Guide to Phenomenology

Dimes takes a heroic swing at exploring Phenomenology, citing the book “Husserl’s Phenomenology” by Dan Zahavi, explaining what this holistic philosophical framework is, what it isn’t, and how it is applicable to how you interact with the world. Is there an ontological difference between physical reality and your imagination? The answer will shock and dizzy […]

The Erotic Human Sacrifice Monetary Theory

The BOLG Boyz dive back into trippy esoterinomics by reviewing the book “The Accursed Share” by Georges Bataille, where they stablish the inevitability of surplus in economic systems, the expansive history of wealth accumulation, and what we can learn from human sacrifice and occult violence to deal with it. Should we utilize economic hyperdeath? Just […]

Swami Antichrist vs. Christian Nationalism vs. Cow & Chicken

Dimes and Judas explore the infiltration of America by Eastern spiritualism throughout the 20th century with the book “Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future” by Seraphim Rose. Here a strong case is made that nihilism has spread throughout American society through the counterculture movement by adopting foreign spiritualism and grafting it onto the dominant […]