Cumulative Vaccine Harm & Acceptable Poisons

After touching on the news of 80% of Americans being exposed to harmful chemicals through their cereals, they review the book “Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Here he collects a suite of studies from around the world revealing the injuries and long-term health impacts of the over 70 vaccinations that are pushed on children.


00:00 – New Study Concludes 80% of American Poisoned by Cheerios

04:19 – “Vax-Unvax” Discussion Begins

06:19 – Personal Experiences with Vaccinating Children in Canada and Hong Kong

09:40 – A Note about the Data and How to it

11:44 – The Need for Long Data Collection Windows and Rising Cancer Rates

17:35 – The CDC Development of Harmful Chicken Pox Vaccine

20:47 – The Lazarus Study and Overall Likelihood of Vaccine Injuries

27:07 – Control Group Study on Unvaccinated Americans

31:22 – The Rotavirus Fiasco

35:43 – Covid-19 Vaccines and Risk of Injury

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