#255 – Bachman Turner Overdiaries [“Lenin Guy I read the last 100 anglish”]

In this episode Dimes and Judas discuss critical drama in the online fire alarm community, a Movie Korner review of schizo femcel classic Dashcam, and a recent leaked report from the RCMP warning that Canadians may turn to mass violence if they figure out how doomed they are. After discussing recent discoveries surrounding two Chinese scientists exiled from Canada for smuggling virological weaponry out of the country, they spring into an accounting of the book “Dr. Mary’s Monkey: How the Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses Are Linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK Assassination and Emerging Global Epidemics.” With the essence of the book basically exposed in the title, let’s just say even the parts that are wildly speculative lead to shocking realities. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with proprietor of Honky Night in Canada, Cooper. They discuss several of his articles from the Daily Rake pertaining to Canadian history, specifically those concerning the mass migration agenda which cuts across all political affiliations.


00:30 – Trouble in the Fire Alarm Community

05:31 – Conjoined Twin Reality Stars are Marriet to a Veteran

07:51 – Freak Consent Lawyer’s Time to Shine

11:59 – Chris Cantwell Bullying Dimes and Turning Gay

26:33 – Dimes Enters Fugue State While Struggling With Gay Joke

28:37 – Dimes Was Owned on TikTok by the Dadosphere

33:44 – Movie Korner: Dashcam

45:47 – Secret RCMP Report Warns Canadians may Revolt Once they Realize how Broke They Are

51:24 – Dimes Article on Old Glory Club Concerning Annexation Through New Canadian Warlords

58:52 – Canadian Government Hired Foreigners With AR-15s to Kill Deer at $10k Each

1:02:26 – The Managerial Fiasco of the ArriveCAN App

1:15:41 – The Inevitability of Violence in Canada’s Near Future

1:24:56 – Show News

1:28:41 – Crimes Chat: nope.

1:31:55 – Secret documents Reveal Trudeau Government Virologists had “Clandestine Relationship” with Chinese Agents

1:37:38 – “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” Discussion Begins

1:44:24 – The Role of Simian Research in Developing Viruses

1:348:27 – The Kennedy Assassination Connection

1:50:04 – The Curious Case of David Ferrie

1:56:03 – The Murder of Dr. Mary Sherman

1:58:42 – The Medical Treatise on Cancer Infections

2:01:18 – Did the Polio Vaccine Cause the Cancer Epidemic?

2:07:03 – The Connection Between Mary Sherman and Secret Cancer Labs Run by Violent Pervert Psychos

2:09:39 – The Smoking Particle Accelerator and the Disintegrated Arm

2:15:48 – Cooper Interview Begins

1 comment on “#255 – Bachman Turner Overdiaries [“Lenin Guy I read the last 100 anglish”]

  1. Googoogaygay April 6, 2024 / Reply

    You should 100% do those kinds of interviews with gay guys in right wing spaces. Alt hype and that parfume nationalist guy would be 100% perfect guest.
    Also it’s cool that there is a sound drop for the movie corner but i think the gay sex update also deserves one.
    The movie mentioned in this episode seems also be very interesting and I think that the topic of femcels needs more in depth discussion since the femcels that aren’t fat, ugly and or disgenic would 100% have some unique perspective on things.

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