#264 – Montreal Screwjobbers Been Putting 5G in the Hosewater [“bitcorn Enter Sandman”]

On this episode, Dimes and Judas discuss recent polling showing the majority of Americans now favor mass deportation of illegal immigrants, the disgusting fate of cryogenically frozen people, and the Libertarian Party being taken over by a gay meme. After discussing how the military intelligence community is hijacking AI through social engineering of social media, […]

#263 – Johmn McAfee Quantum Suicide Reincarnation [“do not research”]

Dimes and Judas discuss a recent inquiry revealing a large number of Canadian MPs are working for foreign governments, the campaign to get Alberta to become the 51st American state, and Elephants painting being a big fat hoax. After recounting the recent sweep of Far-Right parties in the recent EU elections and dissect its implications, […]

#262 – Splash Pads are a Lemurian Timecrisis [“attitude goes back up with the mother of teeth.”]

Dimes and Judas discuss Donald Trump becoming a White-Collar Felon, Fauci admitting in court most Covid rules were just made up, and a very special Movie Korner reviewing the libtard apocalypse fantasy, Civil War. After reviewing the fallout from the legendary Boomer V. Zoomer panel, they dive into the esoteric depths of interdimensional technology wars […]

Livestream Happening – Boomers v Zoomers: Passing the Torch

A special standalone panel takes the place of this week’s Blood $atellite Nights Live. Hosted by Dimes and welcoming Steve Sailer, The Prudentialist, John Doyle, Alaric the Barbarian, and Herb Soroca. Boomers claim that younger generations have no interest in taking over, and younger generations claim boomers refuse to pass down their wealth and knowledge. […]

#260 – My Wendigoon Steak Does MAD BONG RIPS [“take the Son of the fact distorted”]

On this episode Dimes and Judas discuss the Iranian president being consumed by Israeli utility fog, HAARP causing another twisted aurora borealis, and a review of the latest Godzilla vs. King Kong live action anime. After diving into an article on J’accuse about the necessity of framing your political goals as inevitabilities, they explore the […]

Independent Revolutions Inside the Culture’s Visual Soul

After reviewing an article by Spandrell reviewing the rise and fall of the Neoreaction (NRx) movement from the inside, Dimes and Judas segue into a review of the book “Human as Media: The Emancipation of Authorship” by Andrey Miroshnichenko. This book explores the concept of the Viral Editor, essentially the aggregate mind and soul of […]

#259 – U Wouldn’t Tat a Tutting Nephilim [“AT my disciples listening to kill you can’t be normal”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the complex capital suicide pact between America and Israel, stanky femcel dating site Duolicious, and the infamous Online Harms Act C-63 which seeks to imprison Canadian micro niche ecelebs for posting too naughty. After hypothesizing which car manufacturing processes could be maintained through guilds during a collapse scenario, they launch into […]

#257 – One Squat can Change the World [“i can become fused with redoubled ardor”]

Dimes and Judas discuss a recent health scare in the Dimes house, new and exciting Aboriginal math using graffiti, a comprehensive review of the latest Fallout TV show, and intense commentary on the recent discourse occurring about Right Wing Women leaving for the Left because they hate their men. After reviewing an article by Spandrell […]

Creating Secret Monkey Cancer in New Orleans to Fight Communism

After discussing recent discoveries surrounding two Chinese scientists exiled from Canada for smuggling virological weaponry out of the country, Dimes and Judas spring into an accounting of the book “Dr. Mary’s Monkey: How the Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses Are Linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, […]

The Role of Excitotoxins in Brain and Identity Death

After reviewing an article from Discourse about “the medium is the message” as it relates to the creation of online identities, they launch into an exploration of the book “Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills” by Dr. Russell Baylock. Are common food enhancers slowly killing your neurons and leading to neurodegenerative diseases later in life? It’s […]

#256 – I Am Ontologically Evel Knievel [“rip Floyd Simpsons”]

Dimes and Judas read a schizo apocalypse theory involving Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun,” an article in a Leftist magazine about attending a Dissident Right launch party, and a recent dustup concerning the presence of transgender influencers in the Far Right. Building a web of how marginal spaces interface with the imminent approach of venture capital […]