#257 – One Squat can Change the World [“i can become fused with redoubled ardor”]

Dimes and Judas discuss a recent health scare in the Dimes house, new and exciting Aboriginal math using graffiti, a comprehensive review of the latest Fallout TV show, and intense commentary on the recent discourse occurring about Right Wing Women leaving for the Left because they hate their men. After reviewing an article by Spandrell reviewing the rise and fall of the Neoreaction (NRx) movement from the inside, they segue into a review of the book “Human as Media: The Emancipation of Authorship” by Andrey Miroshnichenko. This book explores the concept of the Viral Editor, essentially the aggregate mind and soul of the internet given form by a neural network of users, each of whom functioning as a form of media in and of themselves. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with famed Canadian journalist Matthew Ehret of “The Canadian Patriot” who describes the secret occult forces controlling the Canadian parliament and the dark secret science projects dominating our headlines. This one gets to it all!


00:18 – Fortissaxis Typing… a Substack!

02:01 – Dimes Does Not Have Cancer (Bad End)

10:12 – Aboriginal Made-Up Math Getting Special Government Funding

17:44 – Where in the World is JF Gariepy’s Wife?

13:24 – Cant(Be Straight)well Gate Update

35:46 – The Victorious Normalization of the Incel Discourse

38:15 – The New Rift Between Men and Women on the Right as More Women Enter

54:05 – Possible Solutions to the Gender Problem / “Woman Question” (WQ)

1:03:47 – Movie Korner: Late Night With the Devil

1:05:20 – Movie Korner: Fallout (2024)

1:26:21 – Show and Expanded Universe Updates

1:29:31 – Criems Chat: Right Wing Persian

1:30:15 – Sandrells “A Post-Mortem on Neoreaction”

1:43:47 – “Human as Media: The Emancipation of Authorship” Discussion Begins

1:48:59 – The Emergence of The Pivotal Generation

1:50:53 – The Emancipation of Medias Empowering the Laypeople and Delegitimizing Institutions

1:55:06 – If you Don’t Publish Online, You Don’t Exist

2:00:12 – The Quest for Response as a Sixth Sense

2:02:39 – The Viral Editor as the Economy of Takes

2:07:51 – The Filter of Communities as a Response to the Feed

2:12:50 – The Response of the Establishment and the Issue of Fake Screenshots

2:21:53 – Matt Ehret Interview Begins

3 comments on “#257 – One Squat can Change the World [“i can become fused with redoubled ardor”]

  1. dgyfhjkkhjlöfs April 27, 2024 / Reply

    I think you should do a deep dive on magic shrooms and LSD n’stuff.
    Till this day it’s a topic that is rather polarizing in right wing circles. Many have the opinion that it’s just bad stuff pushed by the tiny hat people to further degrade people, others have a rather positiv opinion and point to that one C. G. Jung essay.
    I’m pretty much torn on that topic since there is no reliable information, only anecdotes or studies that are obviously biased.
    It’s also still not clear if people get brain damage / a lower IQ with each dose or not since it’s rare to have a person that only takes shrooms but no other drugs.
    Maybe you can at least ask around in like your chat groups and shout out if someone has any good leads since it’s hard to find any good information on that topic.

    • Opinionated April 30, 2024 / Reply

      It does potentially exacerbate psychological conditions, but some studies claim they can alter previous psych-issues.
      Truth be told, the only thing they can ‘add’ to your outlook on the world are things like:

      Being open to new ideas (then again many of us are here because we already embrace new ideas)

      Making yourself comfortable with the inability to control of everything (some psychedelics thrust you through experiences whether you like it or not)

      Or you experience the feeling of epiphany.
      Not to be confused with an actual epiphany.
      This ends up confusing a lot of people, since they think they just learned a deep secret and understanding of the universe, but when they try to explain it, it’s just gobbledygook.

      Finally you can lose your sense of self and a grounded relationship with reality.

      All in all I don’t really see a great benefit, except perhaps that you can get a new perspective on a topic that you previously thought you had figured out already.

      Maybe microdosing, with intervals of giving it a rest.

  2. Opinionated April 30, 2024 / Reply

    On the Testicular Question…
    How is it a ‘Treatment’ to remove them in case of Cancer?
    It’s like calling a Guillotine an effective Treatment of Headaches…

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