#258 – BSNL#10: Sargooner ANSWERS the Woman Question (feat. Meta Prime)

Dimes and Judas are joined by the illustrious Meta Prime to discuss his recent viral moment in arguing with Carl Benjamin (internet’s Sargon of Akkad,) women choosing bears over men, and the broader discourse on the role of women in the political Right.

Episode begins at 14:15.

2 comments on “#258 – BSNL#10: Sargooner ANSWERS the Woman Question (feat. Meta Prime)

  1. 2gay2Bgay May 4, 2024 / Reply

    The Woman Question?
    Can’t you guys just stick to your area of expertise (gay sex) ?
    In this case that topic is an answer for the WQ in more then just one way tbh.
    The obvious one is just to have gay sex and call it a day, but the less obvious is to simply channel the energy of a gay man, no gay sex required (but recommended).
    I mean gays seem to get along with women very well despite the fact that they loath them. I mean there are even a lot of fags with fake wives and kids that don’t leave them regardless of their wealth or lack there of, just look at Dimes and Judas.

    In conclusion: Just be a gay man and you will naturally have the stuff to keep a woman happy and in her place, as well as breedeble.

  2. Concerned Sodomite May 7, 2024 / Reply

    A general comment:

    I really enjoy when you cover current happenings, but you should focus more on the impact of an event on gay sex.
    I mean the whole war in the middle east has a massive impact on the availability of standard fuck partys in the home of Sodom and Gemora of all places!!!111!!
    This is just one example but pretty much every event of note has consequences in regards of more or less gay sex happening in the world or at the very least of the effected region…

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