#259 – U Wouldn’t Tat a Tutting Nephilim [“AT my disciples listening to kill you can’t be normal”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the complex capital suicide pact between America and Israel, stanky femcel dating site Duolicious, and the infamous Online Harms Act C-63 which seeks to imprison Canadian micro niche ecelebs for posting too naughty. After hypothesizing which car manufacturing processes could be maintained through guilds during a collapse scenario, they launch into an in-depth review of Ray Kurzweil’s “Age of Spiritual Machines,” a comprehensive accounting of exponential technological innovation and biological evolution, with the prediction of how this will lead to a singularity after which humanity will fundamentally lose control of technological progress and become demigods in the process. Lastly, on this episode of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with Aether the founder of Noisereich Records on their recent releases and his experiences founding a music collective in this space.


00:34 – Correction on “Meet the Based” Appearance Regarding Frat Defending American Flag

04:39 – Wearing a Suit to the Gym

05:28 – Honest Ed Mirvish Going Bankrupt Due to Poor Child Sales

11:05 – The Geopolitical Feedback Loop / Death Spiral Between America and Israel

22:44 – IMF Predicts BRICS will Invent a New Currency When America Fails

26:54 – The Maddening Chaos of Every Indian Transaction

34:55 – Duolicious, The Tragic Femcel Dating Site

45:30 – The Crucial Development of New Icks to Raise the Birth Rate

47:51 – AstraZeneca Recalling Covid Vaccine Due to Harm and Injury

55:13 – A Humble and Reasonable Proposal to Publicly Execute Anthony Fauci

1:00:32 – The Online Harms Act (Bill C-63) and the Imprisonment of the Zased

1:09:13 – A Related Bill Further Criminalizing Antisemitism in American Schools

1:11:43 – The Poor Cows in India Being Worshipped in a Human Centipede Fashion

1:14:49 – Judas Committing CTRL-Z Suicide Because Dimes is Randomly a Better Sniper

1:18:47 – New “Real Secret Coffee Hours”

1:20:30 – Would Technology Survive Through Guilds in a Collapse Scenario?

1:33:11 – “The Age of Spiritual Machines” Discussion Begins

1:35:47 – Information Technology Grows Exponentially

1:37:17 – Achieving Immortality through Technology in the Coming Decades

1:42:02 – All Evolution is Exponential

1:50:16 – Virtual Reality and the Future as an Inhabitable Country

1:57:40 – The Singularity as a Future you Cannot Possibly Predict Past

2:00:07 – The Law of Time and Chaos

2:06:49 – Arguments Against the Inevitability of Progress

2:09:17 – Neural Nets, Quantum Computing, and Building the Human Mind

2:14:16 – Utility Fog

2:17:18 – Predictions for 2099

2:24:19 – Aether (Noisereich) Interview Begins

2 comments on “#259 – U Wouldn’t Tat a Tutting Nephilim [“AT my disciples listening to kill you can’t be normal”]

  1. asda May 11, 2024 / Reply

    Something something, Smartphones made life worse or at least not better is a very very cold take.
    Haven’t you heard of Grindr ?!
    I rest my case.

  2. Hdkeh May 16, 2024 / Reply

    Wait a minute, if the whole AI stuff is mainly developed and pushed by gay men, then there’s potential a link between gay sex and the technological singularity.
    Maybe there is some kind of pineal gland in the butt of gay men wich inspires such hights of technology if it’s decalcified by cum and stimulation…
    Maybe there are ways to extract an adrenocrome like substances out of gay butts…

    Also the pride parade in telaviv is canceled due to the conflicts in the region, please report on that issue in depth.

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