The Anti-Truth of the New York Times

Building a web of how marginal spaces interface with the imminent approach of venture capital especially when handled by unknown First Principles in intermediary scenes, they connect it to the book “The Gray Lady Winked” by Ashley Rindsberg. This book recounts the Greatest Hits of New York Times journalistic failures and paints the picture of an ideologically possessed force amplifier for the Communist International historically and a Leftist agenda presently.


00:00 – Basil Rant on Xitter Re: Female Gatekeeping

05:28 – JB Mauney, Authenticity, and Finding the Cowboy in Politics

14:53 – First Principles as Impediments to Action of Solving Issues

26:06 – “The Gray Lady Winked” Review and Discussion Begins

27:50 – Journalists Into Status and Vibes Over Truth

31:46 – Walter Duranty and Laundering Soviet Crimes

36:09 – The Ochs-Sulzberger Family Representing Educated Liberal Affection for Communism

38:04 – The NYT Launched Castro onto the World Stage

40:31 – Halberstram and Journalism’s Direct Involvement in Vietnam

42:35 – Jayson Blair’s Hilarious Web of Black Lies

38:38 – The 1619 Project

52:48 – Dimes Worked as a Reporter (SCOOP!)

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