Tulpa Psyop to Fabricate an Ancient Satanic Temple

The Problem

No actor in the history of cinema has ever died. There are no new actors. The only way to get into show business is if you promise to do things like parade sick people on stage and do everything you can to overthrow foreign governments. Robin Williams and Chris Benoit were the same guy. They take years at a time off in the jungle, out there in the dark. There’s a vast network of them, lurking outside chilled villages like sleeper cells.


The Solution

I’ll just tell you right now that you can’t kill them, we don’t have the technology necessary to destroy the spirit where the cancer resides. Death only makes them stronger. The only thing we can do is tell better stories, and weave more compelling lore. This is how we sway those villages and transfigure them into enemy entities.There are so many dimensions to what we can kill, we have to look at the roots and figure out how this tree is growing sideways for centuries. Better stories. Crafted with caged surgery lit up like a parade.