Queering Up Forums Like Wigpeople

Let's Get One Thing Straight

The thing you godda realize is that it is possible, even probable, that you can become a God on Earth. You can get people to worship you. It’s not even hard. You’d have to be from fuccin Australia to not do this right. The first thing is you godda be a comedian. Nobody is allowed to take you seriously and everything is a character you are playing sarcastically. You can look in their eyes and see which “bit of dialogue” gets claps, and then every time you repeat it you stop flipping the script and just trail off. Next step? Start yelling at your own impersonation.

It’s like reading a book you like in a funny accent. If you start off as a goofy retard and have a good point once in awhile, it triggers the emotional mechanism that goes off when you see a dim child stumble across wisdom. A good way to do this is misspell things on purpose, extra points if you do it in real life with your mouth. Nothing is affected when it is a failure. You can use this to pull the emergency brake on an argument you’re losing, literally turn into a disconnected retard like taking a giant ass barf all over the octagon. Gimme a kiss.


My Elemental Chart? How About Last Name Business, First Name Nunya.

These motherfuckers are trying to kill me. They'll come for you too, turn your family against you, the government against you, the angels against you. It's up to you to take them back. Just don't say the 'M' word.

Come to the Botanical Garden and Suck-Split an Atom With Me

I can't sleep without the constant noise anymore, the sweating, the shedding of skin. I've seen a strange green cloud snake through the skyscrapers like fog through trees, obscuring them with a constellation of nightmares that made them look like upturned needles. At my job I am responsible for 30 people, I drafted an email about it and it sat there for months.

Double Barreled Disinfo Mouth Hanging Open, Always

It takes me three weeks to corrupt a community, tops. There's a million ways to create a functioning ecosystem of people and it only takes the same handful of ways to drive it apart. Chaos lurks consistently.