#264 – Montreal Screwjobbers Been Putting 5G in the Hosewater [“bitcorn Enter Sandman”]

On this episode, Dimes and Judas discuss recent polling showing the majority of Americans now favor mass deportation of illegal immigrants, the disgusting fate of cryogenically frozen people, and the Libertarian Party being taken over by a gay meme. After discussing how the military intelligence community is hijacking AI through social engineering of social media, they segue into a discussion of the book “The Collapse of Complex Societies” by Joseph Tainter. Accounting several histories of civilizations that have fallen across history, they explore how the nature of complexity itself is the problem for both its skyrocketing demands of energy processing, but also its internal coherence. Lastly, on this episode of The Copepranos Society, Dimes welcomes American Elitist to speak on the recent Old Glory Club conference, the nihilism of Zoomers, and what can be learned from Osama Bin Laden.


00:38 – Dimes is Freezing in the Heatwave that is Killing Judas

03:55 – Eschatonic song submission “Bloodite Chat Fight”

05:59 – “I Glued My Balls to my Butthole Again” song

06:53 – Reparations Now Include Being in Jail for Selling Too Much Crack

11:01 – Judas the Weeder Suggest Dimes Fills his Yard with Corn (A Grass)

13:27 – Recap of “Digital Archipelago” Appearance and Post-Right Strategies

21:28 – A Full Chested Endorsement of Overreacting to Bad Takes

31:17 – What Happened to All the Cryogenically Frozen People?

41:44 – Axios Poll Showing Most Americans Support Deportation of Illegals

49:32 – Increasing Amount of Hispanics Support Deportation, Will That Save Them?

59:49 – Gay Meme Chase Oliver Elected to Lead Libertarian Party

1:08:18 – Show News and Updates

1:11:55 – Crimes Chat: [REDACTED] on Exploitation of Right-Wing Populism

1:19:54 – “Group Chats Rule the World” Article

1:28:10 – Discussion of “Reddit is a Psyop” by Flesh Simulator and Socially Engineering AI

1:36:42 – “Collapse of Complex Civilizations” Discussion Begins

1:38:42 – The Costs of a Complex Society are the Growth Ceiling

1:40:37 – A More Effective Definition of “Collapse”

1:44:25 – Examples of Complex Civilizations Which Collapsed

1:49:59 – The Symptoms of Collapse Within the Dominant Hierarchy

1:54:23 – The Crisis of Legitimacy Becoming Exponentially Expensive

1:55:30 – The Types of Early States

1:57:08 – Summary of all the Varied Explanations for Collapse

2:00:36 – The Problem of Increasing Demands of Energy to Process Information

2:04:31 – Growth Demands vs. Diminishing Returns for the Human Capital

2:11:31 – American Elitist Interview Begins

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  1. Osin McHaill June 21, 2024 / Reply

    Vvob Chinese? And she’s not stewin chipmunks? X to doubt!

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