#263 – Johmn McAfee Quantum Suicide Reincarnation [“do not research”]

Dimes and Judas discuss a recent inquiry revealing a large number of Canadian MPs are working for foreign governments, the campaign to get Alberta to become the 51st American state, and Elephants painting being a big fat hoax. After recounting the recent sweep of Far-Right parties in the recent EU elections and dissect its implications, they connect this to a review of the book “Reflections on Violence” by Georges Sorel. The famous French syndicalist builds a strong case that revolutions without violence as their goal are eventually co-opted and even commoditized by their oppressors. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, a recent appearance Dimes made on Illegitimate Scholar where they examine the differences between hunter-gatherer societies and modern complex systems, and how to create autonomous communities by referencing the Mormons, Amish, Afrikaners, and others.


01:49 – Vob’s (Judaswife) Genocidal Campaign Against Chipmunks

10:09 – Elephants Painting is a Hoax

12:28 – The Carlton Banks Elephants Robbed of their Shakespearean Nemeses

15:49 – Raising your Children to be Scared of Quicksand

19:34 – Dimes on an American Excursion

21:14 – The AB51 Project to Make Alberta the 51st State (Not 53rd)

32:58 – NSICOP’s Review of Foreign Influence in Canadian Government

41:38 – Chrystia Freeland is the Secret Prime Minister

48:41 – The Liberal Party is Too Rotten to Collapse

53:35 – EU Election Spotlight: LaPen Overtakes France

1:00:00 – Can the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) Experience Similar Success?

1:06:49 – EU Election Spotlight: AfD Overtakes Germany

1:12:09 – Crimes Chat: Avald

1:16:45 – Making the PCC a Right-Wing Populist Machine

1:22:37 – Show News, John Cena Endorsement

1:28:11 – “Reflections on Violence” Discussion Begins

1:30:46 – A Brief History of Syndicalist Violence

1:35:58 – The Subversion and Commodification of Insurrection

1:40:04 – The General Strike as a Succession of Glorious War

1:43:35 – Acceptable Violence in Preferable Medieval Europe

1:48:28 – The Socialist Point of View

1:51:29 – What is the Purpose of a Protest Without Violence?

1:54:21 – Imagining a New Form of Political Violence

1:58:59 – Illegitimate Scholar Interview Begins

1 comment on “#263 – Johmn McAfee Quantum Suicide Reincarnation [“do not research”]

  1. concerned sodomite June 17, 2024 / Reply

    Wasted opportunity to talk about gay sex in the context of a network state, as well as at other parts.
    1/5 stars for this episode.

    Also the AFD is kind of a joke.
    It isn’t as well organized as you’d think, it’s a honeypot full of opportunists and grifters. There is constant infighting, sabotage and bad allocation of funds.
    It’s not a coincidence that the youthgroup wing of the party never got an adequate funding and was put under surveillance by the state with little to no fight from the party’s lawyers.
    The boys in the local youth group were also not cute at all, no america first tier bussy in sight, ugh.
    But still, it’s good to see that there is more of a public discourse in regards to the topic of migration and such because of the mere existence of that party but I would never vote for those failures.
    I’d stay in a bath house with an erection rather then participate in an election.

    Also Alice Weidel, one of the key afd politicians, is a dyke that is married to Sarah Bossard, a currynibber or what ever mystery meat that creature is.

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