#261 – Splash Pads are a Lemurian Timecrisis [“attitude goes back up with the mother of teeth.”]

Dimes and Judas discuss Donald Trump becoming a White-Collar Felon, Fauci admitting in court most Covid rules were just made up, and a very special Movie Korner reviewing the libtard apocalypse fantasy, Civil War. After reviewing the fallout from the legendary Boomer V. Zoomer panel, they dive into the esoteric depths of interdimensional technology wars with the book “CCRU Writings 1997-2003.” There they explore the blurred lines between fiction and reality put forth by the renegade academic institution, including the secret society battling Lemurian demiurge across time and how geotrauma lets you explore the universe by descending into the Earth. If you’ve ever wanted to lose your mind, now’s the time! Lastly, on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes guests on the literary showcase “Canon Fodder” where he and T.R Hudson share their love of Norm Macdonald’s semi-autobiography “Based on a True Story,” woven in with generous tangents concerning Norm’s life, career, and the standup era he dominated. It is all perfectly balanced and vivid, so do yourself a favor and do yourself more favors.


00:00 – Dimes Had His Back Blown Out by a Bad Haircut

09:32 – Losing Control of the Online Community to Pushups

13:05 – The My Way Killings

16:23 – Anthony Fauci Admits Covid-19 Rules Were Made Up, How to Execute

22:18 – The ATF Kill an Airport Man, Excused by Bureaucracy

32:35 – Is it Better to Kill Someone’s Subordinates or Imprison 3 Generations of their Family?

34:16 – Trump is Now a White-Collar Felon, More Popular Than Ever

50:32 – The Pierogi Barometer for Ukraine Military Success

54:35 – Movie Korner: Civil War

1:24:54 – Show News

1:26:43 – Boomers v Zoomers Livestream Panel Recap

1:47:23 – “CCRU Writings 1997 – 2003” Discussion Begins

1:50:23 – The Concept of Hyperstition

1:51:41 – Afroatlanteanism

1:55:11 – The Importance of Trauma in Post-Left Writing

1:57:43 – The History and Focus of CCRU

2:01:47 – The Character of Vaspyrov and Miskatonic Virtual University

2:04:16 – Architectonic Order of the Eschaton and Occult Time Manipulation

2:09:02 – The Structure and Initiations of the AOE

2:14:39 – Axsys and the Noosphere

2:17:19 – Tic Systems

2:18:43 – Geotrauma

2:20:56 – Breaking Free from Sequential Time

2:25:21 – Cybergoths, the Crypt, and the Unlife Lurking in Cyberspace

2:29:01 – Lemurian Pandemonium

2:33:00 – A 21st Century Post-Ideology

2:35:55 – Canon Fodder Interview Begins

1 comment on “#261 – Splash Pads are a Lemurian Timecrisis [“attitude goes back up with the mother of teeth.”]

  1. Concerned Sodomite June 9, 2024 / Reply

    I think the zoomer vs boomer debate was cool and all but you should have shown more pride in the fact that this is the most important podcast for gay issues on the right. Gay sex is something that links the generations in many ways, even literally in some instances. The flaming torch of the gay lifestyle was masterfully, seemlesly passed from the boomers to the x-ers to the millennials and to the zoomers with little to no generational conflict. Yes there were optics debates, yes there were hostility towards trans folk n such, but they achieved a lot of influence and wealth for their -(intersectional) faction.
    They have massive public pride parades with tons of allies attending , wealth fare and housing programs, extra job security + preference and much much more.
    The culture around gay sex is unironically an important case study of the rise to power of a group that isn’t even related by blood which makes it even more impressive.
    So yeah show your flag, let your voice be heard and be unashamed to talk about gay sex.

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