#240 – Chuck Formerly Starts Blinking Linkin Park [“huffing flux vapor”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the disheartening ovations to skate-killer Matt Petgrave, the societal implications of a corrupted Lisa Simpson, and Chud Kant in a Gooner’s Aristocracy. This leads into a discussion on Wrath of Gnon’s analysis of “The Human Scale” as an ideal measure of scale in human communities, blending into a discussion of the fascinating book “Experiences in Groups” by Wilfred Bion. There they explore the psychoanalytic approach of identifying group behaviors as a holistic organism, how everyone lives within the context of groups that form inevitably, and the difference between a basic assumption group and a work group. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks to Canadian writer Liquid Swan, who provides not only a succinct analysis on the infrastructural pressures driving Canada to ruin, but also makes a case that exodus to South America in the name of survival may be necessary. Are you ready to formulate a plan?

0:41 – Is Horse Hockey Real?

2:43 – White Nationalists Prefer Brown Neighbors

13:00 – Fortissax Self-Attaboy

15:49 – Losing Faith in Whites Due to Celebration of Matt Petgrave

31:28 – Inspiring Pavlovian Stadium Waves

36:07 – Baby Nickles Joy Inspires Diaper-Dimes

41:56 – The Beige Diet Creating Autistic Children

50:47 – You Wouldn’t Download a Dumb Bitch

52:39 – The Infestation and Corruption of Lisa Simpson: An Analysis

1:04:52 – Chud Kant and Aristocratic Goonering

1:16:25 – Generational Categorization as a Media for Fragmenting Identity in Utility Time

1:25:43 – Utilizing “The Human Scale” for Group Organization

1:36:04 – “Experiences in Groups” Discussion Begins

1:40:05 – The Inescapable Negotiation Between Individual and Group

1:43:15 – Basic Assumption Groups vs. Work Groups

1:46:28 – The Functional Definition of a Group

1:51:24 – The Group as a Pool of Desires as Complicity

1:55:11 – The Proto-Mental Matrix

1:58:04 – Leaders in Dependent Groups and the Genius/Madman Oscillation

2:02:50 – The Long-Term Superiority of the Work Group vs. Basic Assumptions

2:14:08 – Liquid Swan Interview Begins

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