#239 – If 9/11 Was a 1984 [“physical which empowered them on the Avesta”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the release of the Covington school shooter manifesto, Glenn Beck publicly begging for Israeli citizenship, and how to capitalize on the “End of Wokeness.” Then while discussing the recent celebratory destruction of the infamous Robert E. Lee statue, they launch into a discussion of Hot/Cold media as it relates to resurrection, and the foundational book “Empire and Communications” by Harold Innis. Through this they discuss the power struggle for knowledge between the center of fringes on society through the creation of new media forms, and how this relates to the rise and fall of entire civilizations. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes was invited to speak to Ourospost to talk cool and casual about identitarian breakaway societies, economics, and a summary of many topics from the show over the past few months.


1:40 – Where Is My Mind Wednesday

3:07 – American Expat Shoots Protesters in Panama, “I Thought I Could Do That Here.”

05:29 – Why Don’t More People Go Postal?

10:27 – Covington Trans School Shooter Manifesto Leaked

23:22 – Should We Encourage Migrant Deportations Due to Antisemitism?

28:53: Alternative Media Showing its Zionistic Irrelevance

35:13 – The Purported “End of Wokeness” and the Dogwhistle Grift

50:13 – Scattershot Movie Korner (Caveat, Highlander, Last House on the Left)

1:03:54 – Inverted Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Elon Musk Telling You About Gay Sex in No Man’s Land At a Party

1:07:30 – Robert E. Lee Statue Melted Down Into a Meme

1:15:11 – Hot vs. Cold Media and the Statue’s Ascension Through Destruction

1:20:46 – “Empire and Communications” Discussion Begins

1:22:57 – Time vs. Space in Communication Media

1:25:32 – The Function of Monopolies of Knowledge in Inspiring Innovation

1:28:16 – The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis in the World of Symbols

1:31:24 – Historical Examples of Media Struggles and Clerical Classes

1:37:50 – The Socratic Dialogue as the Eternal Western Dialectic

1:47:11 – Dissidents Not Innovating Time-Based Media to Outpace Power

1:54:13 – Ourospost Interview Begins

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