#244 – Wordpotatoes Know About Steve Buscemi From the Backrooms [“chatting up with sushi sticks”]

In this episode, Dimes and Judas discuss brokencel podpeople NEETs as defining the zeitgeist, public sodomy and satanic altars plaguing the American government, and medically assisted clown euthanasia. Then beginning with a discussion of recent substack “Become Illegible” discussing how to create exist in the negative space outside government scrutiny, they tackle the mind-blowing concept of logos unfolding across history with the book “Logos Rising: A History of Ultimate Reality” by Dr. E. Michael Jones. It’s about nothing less than the fusion of theology, philosophy, and science expressed across two millennia as divine expression. Lastly, o this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with Dr. Jones himself on the topic of logos to fill in some gaps and answer some listener questions. It’ll all make sense in the end!


00:34 – Reading a Temperance Era Comic Backwards

05:07 – The Cultural Apex of Making a Table of Clout Women Upset

08:50 – Paying Blood $atellite Stand-Ins to Attend the Whatever Podcast

16:13 – Inverting the Hyperreal Carnival to Extreme Normalcy

27:18 – Brokencel NEET podpeople as the drivers of culture

35:28 – A Puzzling Tale of Medically Assisted Clown Death

46:32 – Autobiographical Tales of Being Joker-Raped to Atomic Explosion

50:25 – Senate Staffer Fired for Unapologetic Sodomy in Hallowed Halls

58:16 – How to Break a Sex Scandal in the 1950s

1:00:47 – Satanic Alter Destroyed in Iowa Capitol, Libertarians Outraged

1:08:49 – Gift from 44Rosaries and Show Updates

1:19:41 – “Become Illegible” Substack Review

1:33:45 – “Logos Rising” Review Begins

1:38:04 – Atheism as the Core Belief of the English Ideology

1:40:08 – Logos as the Manifestation of Divine Creation as Being

1:43:47 – The Roots of Logos as Media Extension in Ancient Greece

1:48:26 – Logos as the Introduction of Linear Time as Permanent Development

1:55:11 – Logos Transmitted by the Indo-Europeans but Not Adopted Everywhere

1:58:53 – Pitching Christianity to Different Audiences

2:03:13 – Breaking Free from Cyclical Mythology

2:06:30 – Islam Repelling Logos and Intellectual Development

2:10:47 – Hegel, Lutheranism, and the End of Philosophy

2:13:06 – Providence and Love as Drive for Reproductive Creation

2:16:45 – E. Michael Jones Interview Begins

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  1. Pingu December 28, 2023 / Reply

    I am a zoomer
    I like soft white underbelly. I have a sane normal life though. I might just be a weird borderline autist that likes studying people. I also adore David hoffmann’s interviews from the 60’s (Very kino).

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