#243 – It’s Just a Basically a Corn Moon Guys Thing [“large palestinian Orthodox families following a synth”]

In this episode, Dimes and Judas discuss starting a new life as Buc-ee’s trillionaires, charting European bowel movements against economic decline, and the complex mechanics of being a GayWifeBeatCel. After beginning a discussion on shadowy datamining org Palantir, they launch into a comprehensive review of Marshall McLuhan’s famous work “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man.” There they explore the retribalization of the Western mind through the unacknowledged soul-revolution of electricity, the concept of “the medium is the message,” and how our senses are both extended and amputated by technology. Lastly, on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with Disgraced Propagandist about life inside the advertising industry and the exciting media revolutions emerging from dissident spaces.


00:18 – Moving to America to become Buc-ee’s Warlords

05:59 – Red Lobster Endless Shrimp Ruined by Black America

09:40 – Shopping for Well-Known Incel Brands

18:09 – Map of European Bowel Movements Per Week as Economic Theory

24:33 – Chad Rhodes, GayWifeBeatCel

31:51 – Where Do We Stand on Kissenger Death?

36:05 – AI Pun Model for Losing Our Marbles in 2024

38:25 – Dad Corner on Conversation Street

54:48 – Developing Cognition Through Watching the Same Movies Over and Over

1:04:30 – Boy-Mom Supremacists

1:17:37 – Palantir, Data Mining Behemoth for the Deep State

1:23:25 – “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man” Discussion Begins

1:25:30 – The Medium is the Message

1:29:50 – Media as Extensions of the Human Entity

1:33:14 – Electricity as the Destroyer of Individualism

1:39:04 – The Savagery of Retribalization for the Western Mind

1:45:34 – The Paradihm Shift of Total Awareness

1:48:46 – Hot Media vs. Cold Media and the Internet Community Age

1:52:00 – Extended Senses Require Manifold Autoamputation

1:57:55 – The Systemic Influence of the Written Word and Typography

2:02:48 – There has been no True Information Age Ideological Reaction

2:12:47 – Disgraced Propagandist Interview Begins

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