#241 – Overleveraged Means Ascended Vveah [“Orthodox families following a synth”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the recent election of Ancap Madman Milei as supreme leader of Argentina, the waterboarding-as-kino film Oppenheimer, and the civilization intrigue implied by Sam Altman’s ouster and miraculous return as OpenAI CEO. This blends into a discussion on the collection of essays titled “Neurotechnology in National Security and Defense,” granting a glimpse into the oncoming revolution of technology and toxins designed to not only weaponize the human mind but convert the entire planet’s population into a new battleground. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with Canadian musician and nationalist icon Greg Arcade, and they explore his history in Northern country music, the increasing value of niche audiences, and how to make sense of all the political upheavals facing the modern Canadian. This one is full of good times and banter, so listen close or listen dead!


0:47 – Decling Birthrates as Indicator of Civil War

5:17 – Mids are the New Journalists

10:18 – “Cowboy Judas with Pee Stain Too Small” Bit

13:15 – Uncontrollable Bionicle Lore

23:22 – Is America Ready for a Bisected President?

27:01 – Milei the Mad Ancap Wins Argentinian Election

34:18 – Milei’s Philosemitism and making Argentina an American Asset

45:20 – The Solution for Cartels in the United States’ South American Strategy

54:15 – Movie Korner: “Oppenheimer” Review

1:18:42 – Palace Intrigue at OpenAI as Sam Altman Hired and Fired

1:24:29 – Rumors on What OpenAI Developed (DOOM)

1:32:50 – “Neurotechnology in National Security and Defense” review begins

1:37:15 – The Government sees the Brain as a Battlefield

1:40:58 – Neurotechnology as Gaslighting and Emotional Manipulation in Brinksmanship

1:44:06 – Areas of Development for Neurotechnology

1:45:45 – Neurotechnology as a Solution to PTSD for Runaway Man as Machine Paradigm

1:51:15 – Uncontrolled Development of Neurotechnology between Governments and Private Interests

1:56:35 – The Biology of Manipulation and Preference for Optimists

2:00:19 – Examples of Neurotechnology and Neurotoxins in Action

2:06:07 – Hypothetical or Experimental Neuroweapons for Deployment on Civilian Populations

2:19:11 – Greg Arcade Interview Begins

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