How to Harness the Power of Secret Societies

Dimes and Judas discuss the trial of a Montreal writer for the Daily Stormer convicted by the therapeutic state for laughing at people who didn’t die in the holocaust. This leads to an investigation into the importance of secret societies and graph theory, citing the book “The Square and the Tower” by Niall Ferguson. They expound upon the fluid dynamics intellectual and revolutionary movements, and how to employ secret societies in the 21t century.


05:30– The Medicalization of Penalization Explored

19:12– “The Square and the Tower” Discussion Begins

23:27– The Importance of Secret Societies and Closed Fraternities

27:27– The Illuminati Were Real and Operated like Spores

36:15– Graph Theory and the Function of Social Networks

43:12– Examples of Secret Societies in Academia

46:37– The Seven Insights on How Networks Function

48:46– Anti-Node Behavior in the Dissident Right

56:05– The Round Table and Hierarchies Wielding Networks for Conquest

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