1960s Counterculture as the Revolt of a Meta-People

Following a Movie Korner reviewing the original Death Wish, they dive into the book “Decadence” by Jim Hougan which explores the unknown history of the 1960s counterculture movements, how they were a decentralized and apolitical response to an over-rationalized existence, and how social revolution is impossible for a meta-people.


00:00 – Movie Korner: Death Wish (1974)

16:08 – “Decadence” Review Begins

19:00 – What Was the 60s Counterculture?

22:18 – Leftist Corruption Parallel Drawn with Occupy Wall Street

25:17 – Millenniarianism Defined Throughout History

28:16 – Technique vs. Substance and the Cause of Modern Angst

37:01 – What Killed the Counterculture

43:27 – The Decadence of the Current Meta-Culture

47:15 – Pathological Accelerationism as the Only Available Revolution

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