A Premium-Mediocre Investigation Into Phantom Time

After recounting an article about the concept of Premium Mediocrity, Dimes segues into the concept of phantom time through the book “A Guide to the Phantom Dark Age” by Emmett Scott. There they learn of a conspiracy to invent the Middle Ages for regency purposes, the myth of Charlemagne, and the implications the absence of a dark age occurring after the fall of an empire has on our dreams of collapse.


00:00– “The Premium Mediocre Life of Maya Millennial” Article

06:01– “A Guide to the Phantom Dark Age” Discussion Begins

08:49– Overview of the Dark Ages

12:56– Otto I, Perpetrator of Invented Time

17:55– The Connective Tissue of Roman Architecture

23:29– How 300 years Were Added to the Anno Domini Calendar

25:31– The Social Implications of a Dark Age not Following a Collapse

28:54– Dark Ages Blamed on Sudden Illiteracy and Collapsing Trade

31:49– The Dark Ages in the Middle East and the Myth of Mohammad

36:29– Greenland Theory

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