Which War, Western Man?

Dimes and Judas discuss “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order” by Samuel P. Huntington, where the boyz explore the 21st Century geopolitical paradigm of civilizations over nations and how deep cultural and historical identities will both amalgamate and redefine global conflict.


 – Broad Civilizations Defining Global Conflict

 – The Geopolitical Reality of Whiteness

 – What a Civilization Is

 – What Happens when South America is Absorbed Into the West

 – Civilizations Require a Core Area

 – Civilizational Consciousness Maximizes Due to Globalization

 – The Globalization of English De-Ethicized It

 – The Invariance Hypothesis

 – The Limitations of Economic Alliances and Friendshoring

 – What is a Torn Civilization?

 – Why Islam Struggles to Become a Civilization

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