#253 – Rotating a Fake Plastic Tree in my Head in a Small Town [“F*lix in the Missing a lowering of 20 years”]

On this episode, Dimes and Judas discuss the cannibal holocaust currently occurring in Haiti, Kate Middleton being dead and also never existing, rich lizard in search of eternal life Byran Johnson, and a review of French serial killer mocumentary Man Bites Dog. After reviewing an article from Discourse about “the medium is the message” as it relates to the creation of online identities, they launch into an exploration of the book “Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills” by Dr. Russell Baylock. Are common food enhancers slowly killing your neurons and leading to neurodegenerative diseases later in life? It’s time YOU found out. Lastly on this episode of The Copepranos Society, we have the interview Dimes did with Meta Prime where they discuss self-improvement by being a cultured thug, comic books, and the technological metaphysics touched on in the aforementioned Discourse article.


00:18 – Penis Shamed by Australian Laborers

02:52 – Cannibal Holocaust in Haiti

16:52 – Stonetoss has been Doxed by Antifa

25:34 – Gamergate 2: Sweet Baby Inc. and the Smiling Mulatto Lady Question

35:59 – Bryan Johnson, Anti-Aging Tech Millionaire who Steals Young Blood

47:22 – Was Kate Middleton Assassinated like Princess Diana?

56:50 – Movie Korner: Man Bites Dog

1:09:34 – Show News and Updates

1:12:29 – Crimes Chat: Space Age Maximalist

1:16:39 – Children Remind us we should Want to be in the Bathroom Always

1:19:36 – Reviewing “The Fifth Wave: Is the Medium Really the Message?” on Discourse

1:31:22 – “Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills” Discussion Begins

1:34:38 – The History of MSG and the Effects on the Brain

1:39:01 – How Glutamate Finds its Way into Your Food

1:41:05 – The Brain, Neurotransmitters, and the Blood Brain Barrier

1:43:40 – Is Alzheimer’s Nutritional and Not Genetic?

1:48:32 – The “Brain Fuel” Explanation Proposed by the Food Industry

1:50:20 – Is Parkinson’s Nutritional and Not Genetic?

1:51:59 – The Discovery in Guam of the Importance of Delayed Effects in Food Toxins

1:54:39 – Why Excitotoxins Work so Effectively on Killing Human Neurons

2:00:41 – How to Live Free of Excitotoxins

2:0845 – Meta Prime Interview Begins

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  1. ChiefCreampie April 24, 2024 / Reply

    Injects Dolphin screams into his balls! Lmao! lord, I’m dying dude, that’s so fucking funny

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