#250 – Ziobibb Doggubied Nnnnngobberbib [“thank me more Medieval cycles in Binary”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the legal liabilities of having a murder vision board, Taylor Swift controlling the White birth rate, and review the surreal classic “The Holy Mountain.” After dissecting two articles that show work kills fertility and the work-from-home movement has achieved victory through equilibrium, Dimes segues into the concept of phantom time through the book “A Guide to the Phantom Dark Age” by Emmett Scott. There they learn of a conspiracy to invent the Middle Ages for regency purposes, the myth of Charlemagne, and the implications the absence of a dark age occurring after the fall of an empire has on our dreams of collapse. Lastly, on this edition of The Copepranos Society, we syndicate an interview Dimes had on The Carousel where he speaks to Isaac about life in the advertising agency world and the struggle to be a non-alcoholic author.


00:28 – Judas Doesn’t Believe In Swiss Chalet Baby Wipes

03:22 – Girls Cruelly Ghosting Dad Lies

06:19 – Representing Yourself with Autotune and Soyjaks in JFK Court

11:39 – Movie Korner: The Holy Mountain

21:04 – Caveat-Threatening Nancy Pelosi Over Insider Trading

24:00 – Are Murder Vision Boards Admissible in Court?

25:59 – Taylor Swift Not being Impregnated at the Superbowl Drove the White Birthrate Down

31:29 – Latinas Are The “Pay The Toll” Race for White Women

34:03 – Show News

37:48 – Crimes Chat: “West Would”

46:28 – Perusing r/ZeroCovidCommunity

58:05 – Part 1: “Employment is Killing Us” Article

1:10:38 – Part 2: “Remote Work Won” Article

1:28:35 – Part 3: “The Premium Mediocre Life of Maya Millennial” Article

1:34:36 – “A Guide to the Phantom Dark Age” Discussion Begins

1:37:24 – Overview of the Dark Ages

1:41:31 – Otto I, Perpetrator of Invented Time

1:46:30 – The Connective Tissue of Roman Architecture

1:52:04 – How 300 years Were Added to the Anno Domini Calendar

1:54:06 – The Social Implications of a Dark Age not Following a Collapse

1:57:29 – Dark Ages Blamed on Sudden Illiteracy and Collapsing Trade

2:00:24 – The Dark Ages in the Middle East and the Myth of Mohammad

2:05:04 – Greenland Theory

2:10:48 – “The Carousel” Interview Begins

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