#145 – Pain Relies on Context and Cues [sensiblechuckle.mp4 [300.8GB)]

After introducing the new voice mod technology that will bring this show into the 22nd century, Dimes and Judas dive into Pentti Linkola and his radical view on environmentalism and what some might describe as ecofascism. They then conclude the 3-episode arc regarding brother wars, the ethnic history of America, the book Albion’s Seed by […]

#144 – Callbacks Over Touchgrassastan [cancerz4closers]

After exploring online reviews for VHS tape rewinders, Dimes and Judas add an addendum to the last episode on the topic of “brother wars” and delve into conflicting ancestor worship and historical European infighting and sabotage with far-right figure Zoltanous as an example. Also discussed is how to scientifically judge the greatest penis on Earth, […]

#141 – Good Svffer [->VerifiedSafeShow<-]

This episode sees Dimes and Judas speaking on being haunted by Dinesh D’Souza, a rigid defense of lynching, Rothschild in Antarctica, the irreversable civilizational downfall of European/Western people being deeper than racial identity, a recap of the recent Canadian election, Orange Shirt Day in Canada, and the coverlap of property rights and victims of theft […]


Dimes and Judas dive deeper into the sordid history of CIA and provide a larger discussion as how power as an entity in itself attempts to centralize itself even against its own institutions, citing the books Nemesis by CA Bond and The Devil’s Chessboard by David Talbot. Also discussed is African towns operating like carnivals, […]

#138 – Pregnant Dixie Anne Frank Respecters [theabssolutestateofgerm]

There’s an audio problem for Dimes in the first bit but it fixes itself before long. Dimes and Judas discuss the history of Germ/Biological Warfare done globally throughout the 20th century, but primarily by the United States and often on its own people, using the books Baseless by Nicholson Baker and Lab 257 by Michael […]

#137 – Chris Benoit is Still Alive Iceberg Meme [hapaborear1s1ng]

The BOLG Boys take time out of esoteric babble to address The Hapa Question and provide tips on the identity crisis felt by mixed-race kids and white kids alike. They also briefly discuss the political layout of Canada around the upcoming election and give tips to Conservatives on how to deal with hot button topics, […]