#166 – Blood Blyatistas Spoof Mail Order Hitlers [mandelbros…]

In a banner episode for Canadian content adherents, Judas recounts an attempted coup d’état at his company and Dimes reviews Top 5 Worst Movie of Earth – Moonfall – and Jackass Forever. What follows is an in-depth discussion of the mechanics of alcoholism and insider reports from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA.) Finally, they discuss the role […]

#165: Give Her New Floating International Currency Face [teddyk]

In this episode, Dimes and Judas review the new biopic on Ted Kaczynski “Ted K” and how it subversively presents him as an incel loser. After discussing the Canadian government maxing out its credit card giving a pittance of military aid to Ukraine, they discuss what opportunities a disjointed and pathetic system presents to dissidents. […]

#164: Dark 2x Speed Duckman Nationalism

After Judas explains his frontline reporting of how Hong Kong is imprisoning entire families in Covid shipping containers at random now, the BOLG Boys discuss women choosing rapists over gotcha-dorks, Pfizer copping to over 1,000 vaccine side effects, lauded content creator Academic Agent’s latest anti-elite political movement of “Get Them Out,” and the new Batman […]

#161 – The 1790 Hell’s Angels to George Lincoln Rockwell to Grover Norquist Pipeline [draftDRAFT]

Dimes and Judas discuss Leftists movements throughout the 20th Century through the lens of The Green Book by Muammar Gaddafi, exploring his nuanced view on how both private property and religion force his otherwise progressive socialist views to evolve to meet specific geopolitical demands. There’s a review of the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie where […]

#160 – A Tarot Card That Just Says “Snake Eyes, Baby”

Dimes and Judas are hydrated and unarrested in this evergreen sode, discussing bouncy castle protesters losing their rights to have bank accounts, bald people being a safe bet to buy you Chinese groceries, Justin Trudeau being Fidel Castro’s son, Dimes’ highway enemy being vanquished, and everyone in the world getting a podcast to save our […]

#159 – Long Plotz off a Short Rake in Rant City, Touchgrassastan [VolcelAlcatraz]

This one ended up being more aimless than intended, but Dimes boy and Judas boy have a discussion about the Aboriginal Antifa driver who attacked the Freedom Convoy trucker protest, extraterrestrials creating strategic illusions that appear to people with specifically developed brains, skiers getting their balls obliterated, the naivety of scientists being comparable to malevolence, […]