#246 – Marrying a Veiled Threat [“Ye was on some frikken myelin”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the competency crisis hitting airline industry, a tangled up Hasidic conspiracy involving illegal tunnels in New York, and the German Far Right covertly achieving dominance in both parallel societies and elections. This leads into a discussion of René Girard’s I See Satan Fall Like Lightning,” where they dissect the concept of a mimetic crisis and explore the ancient engine of sacrifice driving human institutions. Lastly on this episode of The Copepranos Society, Dimes and Judas appear on the Sunflower Society’s 2023 Hangover stream to hand out awards for the remarkable things they recall during the previous year. A lot of things are covered, and everyone is hooting right over the moon!

00:48 – Anal Mug Family Gift Exchange

07:15 – Dimes NYE Toronto Trip to India

16:46 – The Competency Crisis in Airline Travel

24:15 – Judas Met The Manifestation of the Competency Crisis in Human Form

29:14 – Stepping in Human Shit as a Case for Occupying Expansive Space

35:49 – Nefarious Tunnels Discovered Beneath Chabad-Lubavitch Global HQ

37:41 – New Epstein Files Released

42:30 – Crown Heights Residents Condemning Coverage of Tunnels

47:45 – Judas Corrects the Record on Tunnel Structure

1:02:45 – Conflicting Mainstream Narratives Explaining Tunnels

1:10:30 – Vice Article on Hasidic “Child-Rape Assembly Line”

1:19:27 – Europeans are the Only Ones Against Inbreeding Anymore

1:26:44 – The Rise of the AfD and Parallel Communities in Germany

1:35:00 – Blood $atellite News and Updates

1:37:53 – Substack Predictably Cracking Down on Far-Right Accounts

1:43:19 – “I See Satan Fall Like Lighting” Discussion Begins

1:45:45 – The Ritualization of the Scapegoat Mechanism

1:49:32 – Defining Mimetic Desire

1:53:16 – The Case of Peter and the Madness of Crowds

1:55:33 – Satan as the Manifestation of Mimetic Contagion

2:00:40 – Problems with the Scapegoat Model Lionizing All Victims of Collective Violence

2:02:54 – Mimetic Crisis as the Foundation of Ancient Mythology

2:06:37 – The Crucifixion vs. The Perpetuation of the Sacrifice in Institutions

2:12:21 – The Sunflower Society Stream Begins

2 comments on “#246 – Marrying a Veiled Threat [“Ye was on some frikken myelin”]

  1. Addie January 12, 2024 / Reply

    Wish i could download and listen later

  2. Opinionated January 16, 2024 / Reply

    You can!
    Go to the RSS Tab at the Top. A Site full of Text should appear.
    Press CTRL-F and type in ‘enclosure’. The first result will bring you to the URL of the latest episode.
    Open that link. Another player will start, but you can right click on this one and select ‘Save Audio As…’

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