#248 – Creatine Induced Onlinitis [“engagement I just with him! to whom?”]

Dimes and Judas the latest Ben Shapiro rap, a conspiracy of Canadian manufacturing cartels to sell out to China, and the concept of “a system is what it does” in relation to the current Texas border crisis. Following a Movie Korner reviewing the original Death Wish, they dive into the book “Decadence” by Jim Hougan which explores the unknown history of the 1960s counterculture movements, how they were a decentralized and apolitical response to an over-rationalized existence, and how social revolution is impossible for a meta-people. Lastly, on the edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes meets once again with The Prudentialist for a wildly popular discussion on the metaphysics of communication, tying together the concepts of McLuhan, Innis, Hougan, and beyond.

01:03 – Kel Mailed a King’s Ransom of Cheese

03:52 – Christ Hitler Fought for the Libs

04:32 – Syke Dice

05:45 – Tom Macdonald Track with Ben Shapiro “Facts”

14:16 – Dad Tawk: Overcoming Allergies with Strength of Will

23:49 – Canadian Large Machinery Cartel Selling Out to Chinese Supplier

38:28 – “A System Is What It Does”

45:24 – Standoff Between Texas and Federal Government Over Border Migration Crisis

52:52 – Marine Le Pen Being Anti-Migration but Rejecting Remigration

56:27 – Times Square Antiwhite Hate Crimer Needs to be a “Functioning Member of Society”

1:05:00 – HR Workers Must Receive Legal Medical Advice for MAID

1:08:33 – Justin Mohn Beheaded his Bureaucrat Dad for Content (Possible OP)

1:14:51 – Movie Korner: Death Wish (1974)

1:30:59 – “Decadence” Review Begins

1:33:51 – What Was the 60s Counterculture?

1:37:09 – Leftist Corruption Parallel Drawn with Occupy Wall Street

1:40:08 – Millenniarianism Defined Throughout History

1:43:07 – Technique vs. Substance and the Cause of Modern Angst

1:51:52 – What Killed the Counterculture

1:58:18 – The Decadence of the Current Meta-Culture

2:02:06 – Pathological Accelerationism as the Only Available Revolution

2:12:56 – Prudentialist Interview Begins

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