#81 – Vote For Black Trans Buzz Lightyear [flex upon the unflexxxable]

In this extremely dynamic episode, we’re still talking about black people like pretty much everybody else, but there’s a whole arc where we discuss owning the future by rewriting the past, a review of Canada in Decay by Ricardo Duchesne, the history of liberalism and its inability to exist with real politics, the impossibility of […]

#80 – Day of the Cope [Mister Gay Dad UPDATE]

Welcome to back to the BOLG guys to show. We’re talking black race riots, we’re talking about acrostic pump names, we’re talking funny anecdotes about angry black people, we’re talking about right wing recruitment strategies, we’re talking about strategy tips for right wing people, it’s so focused ALSO THERE IS COOKING TIPS AT THE END.

#79 – Wireheading and Eradication Painkillers [stares Hitlerly]

BOLG time again where they continue on about the international communist riots and the race violence while juxtaposing it against the value of the destruction of symbols. Also, discussion on the book Age of Entitlement by Christopher Caldwell and relating the Civil Rights Act and how it caused all of this globalist revolution, and there’s […]