#123 – Frenemy Holy War featuring the David Spade of Fascist Monarchy [Formerly Chuck’s]

Straight from the desk of Die and Yood, we’re talking a recent Canadian news story of rampant antisemitism in small town Ontario, workplace fumigation, a brief history of the Anglo Empire and the disintegration of Japan, and a review of the book “Concept of the Political” by Carl Schmitt in relation to the Extremely Online […]

#122 – Constantly Looking up the Definition of Sophistry [thebookofboobafeet]

Dimes and Judas do a movie review segment where they agree documentaries are dead and true crime is all garbage. They then tackle the recent controversy/drama between popular YouTubers Contrapoints and PhilosophyTube, using it as a launchpad to discuss transgender obsession with middle-management power structures and how this impacts society. This leads ito a discussion […]