Chessboard of Shadows: The CIA and Jouvenelian Power Centralization

Dimes and Judas discuss the topic of international power centralization irrespective of ideology, primarily using the CIA as an example but also including other international power brokers and their funding of populist movements. The primary resources cited are Nemesis by CA Bond and The Devil’s Chessboard by David Talbot.

The Hurricanes of Biological Warfare Narratives

Dimes and Judas explore the history of germ and biological warfare experiments across the globe and the covert operations conducted by various actors, but focusing primarily on America. Sourcing from the books Lab 257 by Michael Carroll and Baseless by Nicholson Baker, they draw parallels with Covid 19 and the motivations of 21st century science.

#138 – Pregnant Dixie Anne Frank Respecters [theabssolutestateofgerm]

Blood $atellite – Pregnant Dixie Anne Frank Respecters [theabssolutestateofgerm] There’s an audio problem for Dimes in the first bit but it fixes itself before long. Dimes and Judas discuss the history of Germ/Biological Warfare done globally throughout the 20th century, but primarily by the United States and often on its own people, using the books […]

#137 – Chris Benoit is Still Alive Iceberg Meme [hapaborear1s1ng]

Blood $atellite – Chris Benoit is Still Alive Iceberg Meme [hapaborear1s1ng] The BOLG Boys take time out of esoteric babble to address The Hapa Question and provide tips on the identity crisis felt by mixed-race kids and white kids alike. They also briefly discuss the political layout of Canada around the upcoming election and give […]