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Embrace Pain

Gio Pennachietti (GiantGio) Interview

Episode Too Long to Embed, Click Here:$/download/giantgio-interview/5835afc0ad73fffa09a1c1bff300405132ed409a   Dimes and Judas (!!!) have a lively and joyous discussion with the great Gio Pennacchietti (AKA GiantGio) wherein they discuss the cultural significance of Nu Metal, the power of political aesthetics, and the essentiality of beauty for a thriving human system.

Christopher Sandbatch Interview

This edition of The Copepranos Society features Christopher Sandbatch of Esoterica Americana fame. He and Dimes delve into the mythology surrounding America’s own Andrew Jackson, building an intricate case that he was misguided about central banks, inadvertently caused the Civil War, and basically everything you know about American history is wrong.